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Explanation of the change of sensitivity of Valorant to Overwatch 2

Blizzard’s expected Overwatch sequel finally came and put the franchise again at the Center for Care once again. If you are one of the many new or recurring players who have been playing Valorant more recently, here you have everything you need to know about Valorant sensitivity to 2 changes and how to make the transition feel less discordant.

How to change the sensitivity of Valorant to Overwatch 2

Let’s be realistic, Valorant and Overwatch 2 really don’t feel similar to play at all. While both are competitive shooters with hero skills added to the mixture, they control completely differently. Going from one to another is a change of mass rhythm and a totally different style. Said all this can make the transition feel much more natural, making sure to use the equivalent sensitivity in both games.

However, that is not easy to do, since the two games weigh the sensitivity values in the game differently. For example, 1 sensitivity in Valorant is more than 10 times the value in Overwatch 2!

Fortunately, there are sensitivity converters that allow you to make the adjustment easily. Our preference is that of Gaming Smart, which also has options to connect different DPI settings for the most precise conversion.

As an example, 0.32 sensitivity in Valorant is 3,394 in Overwatch 2.

Of course, we do not necessarily recommend that you maintain the same sensitivity in both games unless you already play with a very high sensitivity in Valorant. Overwatch 2 requires much more monitoring and rapid movements of 180, which adapts to a higher sense, in general terms.

An option is simply to increase the DPI of your mouse from one game to another, which if you have a game mouse is usually as simple as pressing a button on the device or changing a configuration in the application of your mouse. Again, the Gaming Smart converter allows you to make this calculation easily, so you will only have to remember pressing the button every time you start Overwatch 2 or vice versa to maintain coherence in both games.

That is all you should know about Valorant A Overwatch 2. To get more useful tips on both games, including everything that has just been included in Valorant Patch 5.07, seek or consult the related content detailed below.

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Which NBA 2K23 player can destroy The Professor 1v1?

The Professor is among the most popular players in the NBA 2K community, known for his incredible skills on the virtual hardwood. But other players are just as talented – if not more so -, and they’re gunning for The Professor’s throne. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top contenders for the title of best NBA 2K23 player in the world.

Your latest release of NBA 2K23 has been certified 100% accurate by the Professor himself. “The game is not complicated enough or entertaining enough,” he purportedly said. Let’s see if he feels any different when we force him to take on an NBA player 1-1 in a game of his creation!

Who is The Professor in NBA 2K23?

The Professor is a well-known NBA 2K23 player known for his skills on the court. He is a guard who can shoot threes and handle the ball well. He is also a good defender. The Professor has been in the NBA for several years and has played for several teams. He is currently a free agent. Professor v is a YouTube personality who is known for his basketball skills. He has Challenge videos where he takes on other players in one-on-one games. Several NBA 2K23 players could potentially beat Professor V in a one-on-one game. However, it is difficult to say who would win for sure.

The Professor is a well-known streetballer who has gained notoriety for his prowess on the court. He’s known for his flashy play style and ability to make ridiculous shots. He’s also known for his trash-talking and cocky attitude. The Professor isn’t just a streetballer, though. He’s also a very successful businessman. He owns his clothing line and has endorsement deals with some of the biggest companies in the world.

So, who would win in a one-on-one game between the Professor and an NBA player? It’s tough to say. The Professor is a very skilled player, but the NBA players are on another level regarding talent. Plus, NBA players are much bigger and stronger than the professors. If the two played ten games one-on-one, the NBA player would likely win more than half of them. However, if the Professor got hot and hit a few crazy shots, he could take down an NBA player in a game or two.

NBA 2K23 players destroy the Professor in 1v2 because they are professionals

In a game of 1-on-1, who would win: a professor or an NBA player? Most will say the NBA player if you ask 100 people this question. And they would be right… most of the time.

The first is the level of competition each person is used to playing against. The Professor is likely used to playing against people who are not as skilled as they are, while the NBA player is used to playing against the best players in the world. The second factor is the physical difference between the two. NBA players are bigger, stronger, and faster than professors. They also have years of experience playing basketball at a high level.

The third factor is the mental difference between the two. NBA players play under pressure and in front of large crowds. They know how to handle themselves in big moments. Professors, on the other hand, may not be as mentally tough. So, it’s fair to say that an NBA 2K23 player would probably win a 1-on-1 game against a professor most of the time.

Who is the winner of a 1v1 between the Professor and NBA 2K23 Player?

Who would win, a college professor or an NBA player in a one-on-one game? It’s a tough question to answer, as many factors must consider. The Professor would have the advantage of experience and intelligence. On the other hand, the NBA player would be younger, stronger, and more athletic. They would also be used to playing one-on-one games, as they often do in their line of work.

It’s hard to say definitively who would win in this matchup. However, we can make a prediction based on the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant. We predict the NBA player will ultimately come out on top in this matchup.

We predict the NBA player will win a 1-1 matchup against the Professor in 2K23. The Professor might have some fancy footwork, but the NBA player would be able to use their superior agility and athleticism to take them down. Plus, with years of experience playing the game at a professional level, the NBA player would have the upper hand in strategic thinking and making plays. So if you’re ever feeling competitive against your teacher in 2K23, remember that they probably won’t stand a chance!

Blizzard, released on November 29, WOW: Yonggun

[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Blizzard Entertainment is the ninth expansion pack of World of Warcraft (WOW), ‘Dragon flight’ (3 pm on November 28 at the Pacific Standards) It was announced on the 30th that it will be released.

In the Yong gun Corps, the user will find a dragon island, explore four new areas that tell a variety of stories on the topic of ancient dragon, where you can meet ‘Drastic’, who wakes up from a long sleep and joins the struggle.

If you have pre-purchased the Yong gun Corps expansion pack, you can play the drastic from the time of the pre-patch. Drastic, which can travel and disturbs human shapes and vomiting, boasts excellent maneuverability.

You can also enjoy flight by flying on the dragon’s island with a new dragon training. There are millions of decorating combinations in this dragon, creating their own companions, traveling to the dragon island, and how far, longer, faster, and faster.

In addition, the new characteristic system allows you to play creatively at all levels to play in a way you want a job, and you can use an updated professional technical system that pioneers your own specialty to express your own personality.

In addition, the head-up display (HUD) and the user interface (UI) system can be updated, which can change the experience of the game in a variety of ways than any of WOW’s works.

On the 29th, the Yong gun will show eight dungeons, four of whom can target them with their friends as they move toward level 70, the new level upper limit, and the other four dungeons can enter the top content and challenge. Hussein’s vault, the first raid of the expansion pack, will be released on December 15.

The Yong gun Corps can be purchased digital pre-purchases with hero package (84,900 won) and China package (10,900 won). Each digital package contains one or more items that will help to cooperate with the Yong gun Corps who regains the lost area.

You can also buy the Yong gun Communications Collection in advance. The English collection can be purchased in advance at the official Blizzard Gear Store. Information related to the sales plan in Korea will be guided later.

Holly Long Day WOW producer said, The Yong gun Corps was designed with the wishes that we all loved the most, such as the fantastic Zeroth and the characters in the heroes where our users played as a hero, with the wonderful World of Warcraft community. I would like to invite everyone with a new adventure that can watch the wonderful view of the land of the dragon and become part of their historical heritage, while watching the secrets of the dragon island.

Vampire Survivors version 1.0 will be published on October 20

The 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors , one of the great surprises of the year, will arrive on October 20, as those responsible through Steam have announced.

This launch of the first final version comes after having spent the whole year in early access; It was published in December 2021 and throughout 2022 it has been updated and adding new content. This anticipated access period has reached a point, in fact, in which all the content it had planned was finished implementing a couple of weeks ago, so all the content we will add in version 1.0 is surprise, say your responsible.


Yes there will be changes and polished of different nature in version 1.0, which otherwise does not seem to want to end there. There is talk of improvements in some mechanics and systems that were not planned, but that have ended up entering the game, and now need improvements of quality of life; Also of the new engine, which Survivors are expected to migrate at the end of the year.

The objective of this new engine is to have exactly the same game with a better performance and compatibility for more devices, explain those responsible. «In addition, like almost everything in Vampire Survivors, this will be optional. So if you satisfy you the current electron version, nobody will force you to move on to the new one ».

Finally, a kind of advent calendar for version 1.0 has been published: from October 7 to 20, a piece of information about this first final launch will be launched, fourteen in total during those two weeks. A few days will be a small detail and others will be something with a little more substance, they explain.

With his deceptively simple proposal, Vampire Survivors has become one of the most popular games of the year; In mid-2022 he lived a peak of popularity in which he even arrived at Game Pass. It is an easy game to understand: all you have to do is move your character by a series of great maps, fulfilling objectives but above all accumulating power based on achieving new weapons, improving them and carrying their attacks (all automatic) to the limit. There are enough characters, weapons and passive skills to be able to dedicate a whole year and continue to get something interesting to each game, and surely in the carelessness with which everything is designed is much of its success, which by the way has tried to be replicated (Without success) on more than one occasion: there is a good handful of clones of vampire survivors in steam and mobiles, and surely arrive more.

You can listen to what we had to say about Vampire Survivors in one of the reels of the previous season; This below, specifically, from the hour and forty minutes.

Everything that is included in the Watchpoint Pack in Overwatch 2 – price, combat pass, availability, is it worth it?

The global release of the long-awaited team hero-player Overwatch 2 is scheduled for October 4. Although the game is free on all platforms, players have the opportunity to purchase a set of Watch point Pack, which includes several cosmetic awards for the game.

What do you get in the Watch point Pack in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2: Watch point Pack is a purely cosmetic set for the game, which includes the following awards:

  • Season 1 Premium Battle Pass with 80 levels of unlocked content
  • Overwatch: legendary edition
  • Two new skins Space Raider for a soldier 76 and Cole Cassidy.
  • 2000 Overwatch coins
  • Exclusive icon of the player Overwatch 2 only if you make a preliminary purchase, that is, buy a set until October 4.

What includes Overwatch 2 Premium combat pass?

The seasonal military pass Overwatch 2 contains 80 levels of unlocked cosmetic content. Although some of these awards can be unlocked for free, players can purchase a Premium combat pass to get all the following items:

  • Immediate access to the new hero Kirk
  • 20 percent strengthening of combat passes XP
  • 1 mythical skin for Genii
  • 5 legendary skins and 1 epic skin
  • 1000 Overwatch coins
  • Several other awards, including amulets for weapons, poses, souvenirs, intro and registered cards.

What includes the legendary Overwatch edition?

Overwatch: Legendary Edition is a set released back in July 2018 and includes the full version of the game and the following cosmetic objects:

  • 5 epic and 5 legendary skins, including Khan Okapi, Shrank Ana and Cole Cassidy
  • The images of the heroes, including Black watch Reyes, Strike Commander Morrison, Overgrown Bastion, head of the Farrah Security Service and Slipstream Trace.
  • Heroes of the Storm-Traise Hero
  • World of Warcraft-Peter of the baby Winston
  • Diablo III-Wings of Mercy
  • Intrastate portraits of Star craft II and a Hearthstone card shirt

How much does the Watch point package in Overwatch 2 cost?

Overwatch 2: The Watch point Pack set can be purchased for $39.99 on all platforms on which the game is available, namely Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Where to buy Overwatch 2 Watch point Pack?

You can purchase a set in a platform store on which you will play the game:

  • Battle.net store (for PC)
  • Xbox store
  • PlayStation store
  • Nintendo store

What can you spend Overwatch coins on Overwatch 2?

You can spend the in-game Overwatch Coins currency to buy various cosmetic objects in the store such as skins of heroes, talismans, intro and much more. In addition, you can also buy a premium combat pass for Overwatch coins every season.

How long is Watch point Pack in Overwatch 2?

The Watch point Pack package will be available as an introductory package for Overwatch 2 until it is removed by developers, and most likely this will not happen soon. This will help new players start working with the game microtransactions and cosmetic content. However, you can get an exclusive player icon only if you purchase a Watch point Pack set until October 4.

is it worth buying Watch point Pack in Overwatch 2?

Taking into account all the items that you get with the observation point, this is a fairly honest deal for $40 and definitely costs if you are fond of intrastate cosmetics . If you are not worried about cosmetic awards, you can still buy a set to help developers financially and provide good support for the game for a long time.

Stay with us in games for professionals to learn more about the content of Overwatch 2. In the meantime, read our article on how large the size of the Overwatch 2 download is the full size of the game OW2.

Bitter failing for FC Bayern

The footballers from FC Bayern Munich need to do without the Champions League group stage in Captain Lina Magill in the second leg for moving into the Champions Organization group stage.

The nationwide player stops working due to the fact that of a cool for the decisive duel with Real Sociedad on Thursday (7:00 p.m./ Livestream on Fcbayern.com), according to head train Alexander Strauss in midfield Sarah Brazil (Corona infection) is ready for use.

Against Spain’s runner-up, FC Bayern wishes to provide itself on the offensive in the offensive than in the very first comparison. We could have racked up much more goals, grumbled Strauss, yet described the advantage that a draw suffices for us. And that with about 1500 followers in the back that are expected on the university.

The German runner-up goes into the experience with a slim 1-0 lead from the away video game in the previous week. I have a great feeling for the game, stated international Linda Allman as well as stressed the value of the game: This is one of the most vital video game for us. We definitely desire to qualify, that should also be the case.

Only the German Dual winner VFL Wolfsburg is set for the group stage, which started on October 19. Eintracht Frankfurt was removed as the 3rd German starter in the initial qualification round.

Where to find fiery mucus in Slime Rancher 2

Fiery mucus is one of many types of slugs that you can (and should) receive in Slime Rancher 2. They can give you fire which you can either sell for gold or add to your collection.

It is not so difficult to find fiery lines, but you will have to wait a bit before you can face them. This is one of the slugs in the game, inaccessible at the beginning of the game.

The next leadership will tell you where to find fiery lines in Slime Rancher 2.

where to find and get fiery lines in Slime Rancher 2

Their name alone should tell you that fiery lines are often found only in areas with steam or high temperatures, for example, inside the volcano.

You can go to Amber Valley in search of fiery slates. You can find the location by interacting with pink proud which you will meet in the northwestern part of the rainbow fields.

As soon as you meet pink proudly, you will need to feed it food. It can be any food, all you need is to feed it, and then it will be divided into several pink slips.

There will be a geyser below, make sure you are standing on a geyser, and he will lead you straight to the rock. From the cliff towards the left side you will see the device, interact with the device, and you will be teleported to Ember Valley.

As soon as you are teleported, go to the far west from the place where you were teleported. As soon as you go to the far west side, you will face a hot region. There you will notice several types of lines, but not fiery slates, since they are in the far part of Ember Valley.

To get to the back, it will be much easier to use a jet satchel. You can unlock the area by finding several shining ores in a coal valley. As soon as you get to the further part of the smoldering valley, look for large pools filled with fire/lava.

Inside the fiery pool you will find fiery lines. From there you can just take them and get as many fiery lines as you want.

Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Trailer zur PC

After the first spider fan title made the jump onto the computer, Wonder’s Spider-Man: Miles morales will quickly comply with. There is currently a very first video clip for the planned port.

This was lately published on the main YouTube channel by Marvel Amusement. The 30-second clip shows different video game scenes that the PC gamer area can anticipate.

Wonder’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales from autumn for the PC

Appropriately, it can not take long for PC players to enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It stays to be seen whether a similar success will certainly after that arise as with the precursor: In any instance, the Computer version of Spider-Man Remastered was additionally able to convince. The video game sector is eagerly waiting for Wonder’s Spider-Man 2.

Accordingly, it can not take long for PC gamers to enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It continues to be seen whether a comparable success will certainly then occur as with the predecessor: In any type of instance, the Computer version of Spider-Man Remastered was additionally able to convince.

The launch day of the porting should as a result be a lot more intriguing. The video does not give specific information concerning this, only the autumn 2022 is stated in the end.

The video game sector is eagerly waiting for Wonder’s Spider-Man 2. The follow-up is scheduled to show up in 2023, but so much info has actually been planted instead unusual. Marvel’s visit to the studio at Insomniac Gaming is said to have actually left an outstanding perception.

All the planets of Star Wars Andorra, listings

The new Star Wars show presents some impressive funds, and many are real places worldwide. In the first three episodes, there have already been some different planets, and it is difficult to monitor all of them. Here is everything you need to know about all the planets in Star Wars Andorra .

All planets at Star Wars Andorra

* Ferris
* Caspian’s current home with her adoptive mother. It is also important because she has contacts like BIX who live here to sell rare findings. Many people who live in Ferris participate in the rescue of old ships. The planet has a desert climate, which probably contributes to population resistance to authority, since hard climates tend to make people independent and resistant.

Henri *
* The planet of origin of Caspian, where her name was Keisha. It is not known much about the planet, except that a large-scale failed mining operation left a large part of the missing population. Keisha lived in Henri with a group of children, including her sister, whom she had not seen in years. Henri’s climate is that of a leafy forest and provided food and water appropriate to Keisha’s tribe.
Morgan one *
* This mining planet is directed by a corporation that accepts the imperial authority to remain in business. This planet has modern amenities and looks a bit like Coruscate.

That is all we have for now All the planets in Star Wars Andorra . Surely more planets will be presented as the show continues. Check out our other Ardor content, such as when Ardor takes place and why there are no Stormtroopers or inquisitors.

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1899, the new terror series of the creators of Dark, confirms its premiere date in Netflix

If Barn BO Omar and Jane Frieze managed to conquer us all for their idea of offering a mysterious story starring disappearances and jumps in time, this time we have to prepare to face a nightmare in the middle of the ocean . This is 1899, its new horror and suspense series, which finally h a relee date in Netflix: it will be on November 17 when we can enjoy its first seon. In this link you have the first teer trailer (the date h not been accompanied again material).


nightmares on the high se

In the official synopsis of 1899 we can read the following: A group of European immigrants sails from the United Kingdom in the direction of the United States to begin a new life in New York City. Travelers, who come from different places in the old continent, are united by the dream of a new century and for their future abroad. The trip is quiet until they meet another drifting bar in the open sea . At that time everything will change radically and what they will discover aboard that other ship will turn their hopeful trip to the promised land into a horrible nightmare.

Seon 1 of 1899 will consist of 8 episodes and the producer ensures that the way of telling us the story will be innovative and avant-garde, in relation to the way in which the protagonists’ pt will be intertwined by a complicated network of secrets. The commitment promises, because if something made Dark a real ms phenomenon, it w precisely that: the idea of connecting different temporal lines until conceiving a huge narrative puzzle. From next * November 17we will check if it is up to it.

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