Another week of the year 2021 is the end to the end. For users of the EPIC Games Stores means the gifts time. As has been customary for years, the operator of online shops also to the end of this week again free-daddle fun. Customers tear themselves without hooks and double bottom to the zero tariff under the nail. To qualify for the free download, you only need an account with the online dealer. Do not do that yet, put it on with just a few clicks and start the gambling for Lau.

However, this is limited to a free game this week. While EPIC Games has often launched two titles in recent months, please contact the PC Building Simulator this time. He usually proposes with 16 euros to beech and puts them in the role of a PC hobbyist, which sets its own workshop for home computers on the legs. The game provides you with countless virtual PC components, the real components of well-known manufacturers such as Asus, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA are modeled.

Planning help for true PC construction

They add to dream PCs in the game. In this way, you not only bring your imaginary repair shop to hums, you use the game as needed also to plan true computers. Combine top processors with powerful graphics cards, the appropriate ventilation system and a lush power adapter and perform in the game benchmark tests to check what your creation has on the box.

The game has already enjoyed enormous popularity as it was still in an early alphaversion. Meanwhile, it is grown into a fully mature simulation and to have free in the Epic Games Store until 14 October 2021. The topic certainly not everyone. However, PC screwdriver and technology fans can not be escaped this delicacies. Add the game within the action period to your account, you may keep it permanently. The title is not your thing? Have a few days patience! With Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse will be available from October 14, a game of completely different caliber for free download.