Join the agency and earn new cosmetics on secret agents by completing missions.

Epic Games has published two trailers FORTNITE: Chapter 2 Second season and the topic is secret agents. Players have a new stroke called the Hideout and can buy various cosmetics with agent theme. These can be upgraded by meeting challenges in different variants. Take a look at the trailers below.

Each skin is essentially an agent, from Agent Mowscles and Maya to the Honcho Midas head. By completing missions, players get the opportunity to earn the Ghost or Shadow Skin variations (they can change them in the new hub). The hiding place also offered a better way to display challenges on the map.

Players can also look forward to a new temporally limited mode, which focuses on creeping around and plants bombs (including some chic looking bouncing Betty s). The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks and will be delivered in addition to the new cosmetics with 1500 V bucks. Oh and marvels Deadpool Coincidentally also hanging around, which is probably a new cosmetics package for sale.

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