Epic Games, anciennement Epic MegaGames (aussi connue sous le nom Epic), est un studio américain de développement et un distributeur de jeux vidéo basé à Cary, en Caroline du Nord. Le studio est détenu à 40 % par le géant chinois de l internet Tencent mais le fondateur du studio, Tim Sweeney, conserve le plein contrôle du studio avec 51 % des actions.

A Fortnite Epic Games is considering the film, as new reports have suggested. This film would develop as a product of a new entertainment division, which is reported, is being considered by the fortnite creator. The news arrives after Epic Games has already been reinforcing his team with people who worked on projects such as Disney Star Wars films. However, there is no indication of when fortnite the film can reach a good term or when Epic Games can officially announce said project.

Details on this alleged entertainment expansion and associates Fortnite The film came from the information that said Epic Games plans for diversified entertainment are derived, at least in part, from its legal battles with Apple and Google. The same sources that told him to the middle of the plans for an entertainment division said that a film based on fortnite is a possibility and that such a film has already been discussed.

Before this movement reported towards a more diversified entertainment, Epic Games has already attracted talent from places like Lucasfilm. Jason McGatlin, the former Vice President of Physical Production of Lucasfilm, who was also the executive producer of all STAR WARS films of Disney, is now served as president of special projects at Epic Games. Lynn Bart De Lucasfilm is now the Epic Games Commercial Chief of Affairs, while Chris Fury of Lucasfilm is now the Vice President of Finance of Production of Epic Games.

While there is still no indications of what this type of fortnite is the project could be seen as if the Battle Royale game will adapt to a movie, it is not difficult to imagine the possibilities and, honestly, it is hard to believe that this has not yet happened anyway. Fortnite has a lot of original game characters such as Peely, Fishstick, Jonesy and many more. All those are taken into account before considering the large number of crosses of the game that would allow a fortnite movie to house any number of Cameos assuming that those who possess the properties of the Crossover are willing to play the ball.

Fortnite The great seasonal events have also become more cinematographic in the last two seasons with animations that are reproduced as extended cut scenes to close the gaps between seasons. There is a story that has been developing for a long time between Fortnite Seasons that could provide the basis for a film, although with all its characters and the Battle Royale configuration in general, a fortnite movie can go in any direction.