CALL OF DUTY MOBILE - Squad Gameplay - Part 11
The new Call of Duty s new anti-cheat system, which they have nicknamed Ricochet, may have been disclosed to the cheats themselves. This new owner program is a pilot at the core level specially designed to restore the hands of players who play frank game. Unfortunately, just a day after the launch of Ricochet, news has surfaced that pirates had already put The hand on it.

The new Call of Duty s new anti-cheat ricochet saw its pilot at the knee-level kernel level , a Call of Duty insider wrote on social networks. We are still waiting for an official activision response.

In recent years, the Call of Duty Franchise has always suffered from the hackers, which is why its community has requested an anti-cheat system so that the game experience of each remains without cheat. Images showing that Ricochet has leaks have been shared on the internet, but nothing has been confirmed for the moment. The report of the initiate may not be a real confirmation of developers, but he certainly gave some credibility to previous reports.

Ricochet is actually a multi-faceted system and, as the COD insider mentioned is his pilot at the core level that has been specifically disclosed. This is a PC driver only for the purpose of crossing COD games with other active applications on the players computers, making sure that programs that are not intended for use with the game will not be able to not access it.

If this news is actually true, it means that hackers already have a step ahead to dissect the Call of Duty s anti-cheat system. However, it should be noted that the presumed files disclosed date from a few weeks. That said, if the leak is true, it is very likely that the developers of Call of Duty already have a more recent version of the new revolutionary system.

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