Discrimination Scandal in the National Football League (NFL): Jon Gruden has resigned as head coach of Las Vegas Raiders because of evil insults. After racist statements had already been accused of him, new revelations now led to women s and gay-tonorous emails by the New York Times .

I love the Raiders and does not want to be a fault for them, said GRUDEN (58) in his statement on the homepage of the Raiders: I m sorry, I did not want to hurt anyone. For the time being, the previous assistant Rich Bisaccia takes over as an interim trainer GruSen tasks.

Already on Friday, the Wall Street Journal had revealed that GRUDEN had insulted the boss of the player union Demaurice Smith racist. In an e-mail, he wrote that Smith lips from the size of Michelin tires wrote. The NFL condemned the comments as horribly, disgustable and completely contrary to the own values .

Gruden rejects racism accusation

To ESPN well-known Gruen then on the weekend that he is in his own words of ashamed and no trains of racism in themselves. On Monday evening, the New York Times then published further e-mails of the head coaches from the years 2011 to 2018 with various gay and women s fainting insults. Among other things, he had called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as bodies and pussy . During this time, GRUDEN worked as an expert for the US station ESPN .

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Gruden, which was from 1998 to 2001 and in a second term since 2018 Head Coach of the Raiders, in January 2003 in his first season at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Super Bowl against the Raiders. After his return he trained there in Carl Nassib the so far only open gay NFL players. In June, Nassib had been touted and greatly attempted far beyond the limits of the league.