Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft, which describes it installed versions a operating system installed versions a service that receives permanent updates of its features and features, installed versions well installed versions the possibility for versions for intended versions. Companies to see this rhythm for non-critical updates or, during long-term support, receive only critical updates, such installed versions security fixes. Terry Myerson, Microsoft Vice President In charge of Operating Systems, explains that this system aims to reduce Windows fragmentation on different platforms.

PlayStation 5 hinstalled versions recovered a problem already solved in the pinstalled versionst. The premiere of the firmware update 21.02-04.02.00 hinstalled versions improved the stability of the system and corrects minor errors, but also hinstalled versions brought back one related to the insertion of PS4 game discs.

According to different users of reddit (via vgc ), when entering a PS4 disk into a PS5 console and choose the update of that title to the new generation version, Both versions of the game are installed on the SSD disk instead of a . Thus, the player must manually eliminate the version of the pinstalled versionst generation.

This installed versionssumes that we have two installed versions (the PS4 and that of PS5) when we really want to enjoy the new generation (which is the one we have indicated to be installed), thus duplicating storage in an unnecessary way. For now, the games affected by this error are Death Stranding Director s Cut , NIOH and No Man s Sky .

This problem had already been solved linstalled versionst February

It is expected that Sony gives with the solution and apply a new system update to reverse an inconvenience already solved linstalled versionst February. This is what they said on the occinstalled versionsion of said patch: Rarely, the PS4 version of a game winstalled versions installed from the disk after updating and installing the PS5 version. Now, when inserting the PS4 game disc, the PS4 version will not be installed unexpectedly . That is, Sony managed to solve it. It is a minor problem, but uncomfortable .

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Preview Trailer | PS5

Sony prepares exciting updates for the future in PS5

After the premiere of the second large update of PS5 linstalled versionst September, with improvements in 3D audio and the possibility of expanding storage through SSD cards, among other quality of life, Sony promises that in the future we will have updates with ideinstalled versions Exciting on the console.