SNK announces a rollback net code introduction beta test for a period from October 20 to 30, about a fighting game THE KING OF FIGTION STEAM version. bottom.

A rollback expression is a technology that quickly reflects operation even in a communication delay state using input prediction. The company has been updated to introduce rollback expressions to works such as Mark of the wolves THE KING OF Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match in 2020. Roll-back introduction and beta testing to this work were announced through the official Twitter on September 30th.

The beta test can be joined by right-clicking the title from the STEAM library to select properties and set the beta tab to 64bit-64-bit rollback beta . Note that the users who are playing with 64-bit compatible Windows (PC) are applicable.

In addition, in the news of Steam store page, mention not only to roll back type introduction, but also lobby function updates that are received from many fans. We announce that beta testing about the lobby function is also preparing.

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The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition STeam version is underway to be 50% off until Oct. 30, 2021. Series latest work THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV will be released on February 17, 2022.