With his mega-Zoff with Clemens Fritz, honorary players and Head of Profussball at Werder Bremen, striker Niclas Füllkrug has recently taken care of great attention. The second division suspended the 28-year-old at the beginning of the week, marriage followed on Thursday the pardon by Managing Director Frank Baumann. The signs densify that the characters between Werder and Füllkrug still stand on separation.

According to a recent report of the picture , it could already come to the sale of the offensive players in this winter, which could virtually no accents for his colors in the current season.

Several clubs from Germany and abroad are supposed to have a focus of Füllkrug. It should even have given requests for the personnel. Füllkrug currently has an ongoing contract until 2023 on the Weser, is considered the top earner in the squad of head coach Markus beginning.

But that he meets this contract also seems to be unlikely. Not only the Zoff with Clemens Fritz, in which Füllkrüg should have the same several times and in a bad way in the sound, the future could cost him with his heart association.

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Even the Managing Directoring arguments go out the center-for-the-center, which is also a difficult relationship to coach Markus beginning. In the current season, Füllkrug was only four times in the starting element of the Bremen. Actually, the traditional association with his goals should lead back to the Bundesliga.

The center-runner job takes over at Werder But Last Minute Transfer Marvin Ducksch, which achieved four hits for Bremen in six games.

At the latest in the case of the non-rise of the Bremen (currently table elves), Füllkrug would have to be sold anyway for cost reasons. Just wonder who should have been interested in such a pale achievements, as well as at all, to make such an expensive player (estimated 2.5 million euros).