The real candidate for game of the year is already here and yes, we are talking about My Friend Peppa Pig. After a long time in advance, you can finally put your hands on top of this title and to get excited even more, Here we share its launch trailer.

According to your publisher , Outright Games , the game will be an adventure full of fun that will feel the same as if you were seeing an episode of the television show. Players can choose and personalize their own character, before meeting with some other Show characters and visiting family locations.

Interestingly, the title includes several parental control options, which will allow you to adjust a game limit so that children do not neglect their responsibilities for playing.

My Friend Peppa Pig is already available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Editor s note: Leaving aside the jokes, it seems that My Friend Peppa Pig is an ideal title for the little ones in the home. If you want to keep your cousin, son, nephew or what I know I entertained for a while, maybe you should consider this game. Although of course, there are also other better variables.

Via: Bandai Namco