Artdink announced that the Steam version of the 2021 March on Nintendo switch Urban Development railway simulation was released in the game beginning Take the A train tourism plan is released in 2021 December 8, want bottom.

Various graphics options of expansion and were often-requested useful function in the Steam version, that and the like two new scenario, easy and depth is an additional element and the PC unique function as it is has been positive. It is as follows PC version of the new features.

Beautiful and high-definition cityscape,

Including high-resolution texture , distant view to spread farther, the surface of the water various graphic options, such as reflection of the expansion. In addition, the upper limit organize the number and the train station / subsidiary number of which can be operation of the vehicle that can travel was also up. Why do not you watching carefully the beautiful in the dense streets of unique PC?

Of course, it is also possible to adjust the settings to match the performance of your PC. Without stress in a fast operation, it overlooks the city.

Was also spread further play style. Mouse , keyboard , corresponding to the four types of operations of the controller , and touch . In play style that suits you, you immersed in the urban development to your heart s content.

※ in to use the high-resolution texture is scheduled to become a must have the following environment.
Memory (RAM): 12GB or more
GPU memory (VRAM): 1GB or more

Thorough support the urban development in the long-awaited function

Add were often-requested useful features from Nintendo Switch version users! Us with the urban development of the President in more prosperous.

It is essential to consciousness of the due date in the company management. It is such as tax and stock dividend, where you want to well prepared the day before. With stop timer the fast-forward is stopped at any date and time, it is safe even if you release your eyes.

And, you can restart from if failed even got auto-save has been a little bit before the data.

In addition, the train will increase the degree of freedom in diamond in the direction specified departure that allows you to specify the direction to depart from the station and garage.

Useful features of this other to enhance also is equipped. Please then by all means feel the power up to implement the remains of the town development that I think.

Starting with a new city, a new story

In addition to the nine scenario was recorded in Nintendo Switch version, add two completely new scenario included!

City centric lake, and the remote island …… until now that the railway has been lost has spread is unusual scenery. The development of the city certain features, will prowess of the president is asked more than ever.
Is a must also rely on the story a new one side of fellow glimpse.

New building also been added, please enjoy unwind during their eleven scenario in which the width is spread of urban development.

Find the Nusshi

Dubious shadow that has been witnessed in the main channel lake, the topic as The unidentified organism? .
The local has been expected to be submitted as a new tourism resources.

revives railway

By the widespread use of private cars, railway has been lost island.
You start moving the railway revive the project.


Steam version of A Let s go by train tourism plan his beginning of the price is ¥ 7,678 in the (tax included), released on the same day also packaged version of Steam key enclosed. In addition, some and bug fixes of the added element is the delivery schedule in the free update to the Nintendo switch version after the Steam version released.

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