Which striker should you set up in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? We show you the most popular striker and tell you what makes you so strong.

Striker are probably the most important part in every team. Because without striker, there are usually little goals. Here we show you a selection of a storm that are currently very popular and provide many goals.

What is this for a list? We listen to strikers here, who are encountered on great appeal in the fut community (via Futbin) and most commonly played. We did not respond to prices and show you the most popular striker with most play in FUT 22 (as of October 23, 2021).

Clearing cards, such as SBC or task players, can not be found on this list because the data of these cards can not be recorded.

1. Erling Haaland (88)

With 1,557,278 playing and a goal quota of 1.41 Haaland is the striker with most playing and most goals in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. But why is he so popular?

This makes the striking so popular: Erling Haaland offers a combination that does not have many players: he is big, extremely fast, dribble-strong and has outstanding physical values ​​that help him to assure the ball. There are also the fantastic shot stats (91) and it is no wonder why so many fut players put on the Norwegian.

However, his only weakness is the right foot, with which you should shoot only in an emergency on the gate.

This costs the map: You get Haaland currently for extremely cheap 17,000 coins.

2 . Romelu Lukaku (88)

1.386,336 games were already denied in FUT 22 with the Gold Card of Lukaku. The card comes on strong 1.31 goals per game.

This makes the striking so popular: Lukaku, similar to Haaland, has a sturdy body, is fast and can convince with properly strong shot values. Shots within the sixteen are a clack for the Belgian and should rarely miss the gate. In addition, Lukaku still has 4 stars in the weak foot, which makes him almost at a sweet.

His only problem: He controls a little cumbersome.

That costs the map: Lukaku currently costs about 17,000 coins.

3 . Timo Werner (84)

The Gold Map of Timo Werner currently brings it to 1,162,226 games with a goal rate of 1.19.

This makes the striking so popular: The Werner is a completely different striker types than Haaland or Lukaku. Werner is significantly smaller, became more agile and has even higher speed. With him it is about playing fast counterparts and to stand up the defenders.

Werner offers decent shot values ​​that can be enhanced with the Finisher Chemistry Style. In addition, Werner has 4 stars in the weak foot, which makes the goals shoot much easier.

This costs the map: For Werner you do not have to reach deep in the futur purse. The striker is already available for 10,000 coins.

4 . Memphis Depay (85)

Depay currently comes to 1,131,954 games in FUT 22 and has a gate rate of 0.92.

This makes the striker so popular: DEPAY is a striker that can convince in all areas. He s fast, has a good physique, strong passports, is very good in dribbling and even offers 5 star skill moves.

For this he has grandiose shot values, especially in which the shooting power causes (88). You can finish the conclusion with DEPAY outstanding inside and outside the penalty area.

His problem is also the weak foot. There it brings the Dutch only to 3 stars.

This costs the map: Depay is already available for about 5,100 coins.

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5 . Cristiano Ronaldo (91)

If Ronaldo would be a little cheaper, then he would probably be at the top of this list. Nevertheless, it is considerable that there is a card with such a high price still creating 962,267 games. The card has a goal quota of 1.33 goals per game.

This makes the striking so popular: Many words you do not have to lose about the Gold Card by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has in FUT 22 again a card with fantastic values, which is hard to find a disadvantage. Ronaldo is very fast, has incredibly strong shot values ​​and shines with excellent dribbling.

In addition, he has strong passports, very good header and jump stats and has 5 star skill moves and 4 stars in the weak foot.

This costs the map: Ronaldo is the most expensive player on this list. At the current time, his gold card costs 1.24 million on the FUT transfer market.

6 . Ivan Toney (84)

Something surprisingly, the English striker Ivan Toney finds itself again on the list of the most popular striker. But his card, which can have 939,205 games with a goal rate of 1,16, reveals why.

This makes the striking so popular: The inform map of Toney is a strong upgrade to its gold card (76 -> 84) and shows directly why the Englishman is currently so popular. He offers top values ​​at a reasonable price. If you turn on another engine chemistry style, Toney has fantastic pace, dribbling values ​​in addition to the strong shot values.

Only his passport values ​​as well as the 3 stars in the weak foot and the skill moves leave something to be desired.

This costs the map: For only 17,000 coins you can get Inform-Toney in your team.

7 . Robert Lewandowski (92)

806.511 Games With a gate rate of 1.23, the FUT players in FIFA 22 have already completed with the Gold Card by Robert Lewandowski.

This makes the striking so popular: Unlike in previous years, Lewandowski can finally recommend in FUT 22, because PACE does not play such a dominant role in this FIFA. More importantly, this year is strong shot values, especially with the Finesse Trait, as well as strong dribbling and a strong physique.

All this offers Lewandowski, which is why he is a good choice for the storm and should provide many goals. In addition, he has 4 star skill moves as well as 4 stars in the weak foot.


This costs the map: You will receive Lewandowski currently for about 39,000 coins.

On the other places are the following strikers:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Victor Osimhen (Inform)
Wissed Ben Yedder
Karim Benzema
Paulo Dybala
Kylian Mbappé

What do you say about the most popular striker in FUT 22? Which striker is on the place with you? If you are looking for strong cards, then we have a few surprisingly cheap players for you:

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