Before an exciting backdrop, Kiel, which before kick-off, announced the contract extensions of Domagoj Duvnjak and Niclas Ekberg until 2024, go like the fire department – and moved the largest Magdeburg weapon of unconditional tempo game. Because Keeper Niklas Landin also moved away SCM circular Magnus Gullerud a completely free litter, Hendrik Pekeler set to 4: 1 after five minutes. Also on the benches was on fire from second one fire, many discussions in part inhibited the play flow.

The up-to-date loss-free leader could not be made of the residue and by-crawl sessions. After a quarter of an hour Magdeburg went to the first time at 9: 8 after an effective break from trainer Bennet weighed for the first time. This tight advantage also took the reigning club world champion in the cabin (16:15).

After the change of pages, the events over quickly: Magdeburg s defensive chief Piotr Chrakkowski was sent prematurely to showers after his third two-minute punishment (33.), SCM playmaker Marko Bezjak saw two minutes later even red. Even the guests could be found But do not throw out of the train. About 21:19 (41.) The German master moved from 2001 to the 48th minute to 24:21 away.

Jicha brings the seventh field player

THW coach Filip Jicha had to react and brought the seventh field player as a new tactical medium. The Kniff showed quite effect, ten minutes before the end had the Zebras restored the connection (23:24). A real shooting drama arrived, in which nervous Magdeburg came to success especially over the circle. A seven meter of Omar Ingi Magnusson decided the game. After 60 high-intensity minutes stood a 29:27 for the SCM. That s just beautiful, said Magdeburg s strong goalkeeper Green following Sky : We have a great faith, so it can go on.

Due to the eighth victory in the eighth league game, Magdeburg underpinned his ambitions on the first second German championship of the club history. Kiel is now at 12: 4 points and must in future also hope for slips of the Club World Master from Saxony-Anhalt.

THW Kiel – SC Magdeburg 27:29 (15:16)

Goals for Kiel: Ekberg 6/4, M. Landin 4, Reinkind 4, Duvnjak 3, Pekeler 3, Wiencek 3, Zarabec 3, Bilyk 1
Goals for Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, O Sullivan 5, Gullerud 4, Saugstrup 4, Mertens 3, Hornke 2, G. T. Kristjansson 2, Bezjak 1, Preuss 1, Ph. Weber 1
Referee: Adrian Kinzel (Bochum) / Sebastian Grobe (Bochum)
Spectators: 9300
Criminal minutes: 6/10
Disqualification: \ – / Chrakkowski (32./3. Time penalty), Bezjak (34.)