Weekend Limited Easy Planning Game SPARK Daikai, a fifth 18th examination result announcement. This subject is What is the four items to save the world? Thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

Spa-kun s friend

Ice pick
Glass ashtray
Bar like

A weapon looking at the drama for two hours!

Spa-kun s friend


Curry or meat

Spa-kun s friend

❶ smartphone
❷ Room key
❸ ❸ wallet
❹ Credit card

Save the world with a sense of out

Spa-kun s friend

One bread

It is likely to be necessary to have the hot feelings and mother who left the father and Mother

Spa-kun s friend

List of plates when I defeated Suzaku
Lost edition when I defeated the blue dragon
After that, the lithography that I got when I defeated the white tiger
And the passbook from Genbu

Only genuisu

Spa-kun s friend

Treasure that was successfully accounted
I m sorry I m thinking of using it and used full recovery medicine
Important items that are only used in the journey
Strong equipment than legendary armor dropped by monsters

And the party for collecting the journey to challenge the journey

Spa-kun s friend

Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 5
Xbox series x
Gaming PC

I love rivals that rivals fight together to challenge huge enemies

Pak Scarana

AA battery × 4

So you can move and save the world ……

Hollow color

Must be able to
Ctrl key
ALT key
DEL key

You can finish the world

Spa-kun s friend


Certainly important key item

Spa-kun s friend

Communication degree inherited from parents
Support meeting inherited from parents
Active ground from parents
Property inherited from parents

But the person lives in Tokyo

I wonder if it is a member of the second visit!

Spa-kun s friend

I wish I had one leaf

Because it is alive, it is Lucky

Spa-kun s friend

Chi △
Hachi △

This is awful

Spa-kun s friend

Ode 1 Con!
2 Con!
3 comes!
4 Con!

Bad Nobita, this game is for 4 people

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