Peppa Pig or Peppa in Quebec, Belgium and Monaco is a TV series of British animation created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One, and disseminated since May 31, 2004 on Five. In France, the series has been broadcast since September 11, 2004 on Tiji, rebroadcast on France 5 in the Zouzous since July 1, 2007 and rebroadcast on France 4 also in Zouzous. It is also broadcast on Nickelodeon Junior. In Quebec, the series is broadcast from September 1st, 2008 on Yoopa. After a season 5 in 2008-2009, the series is canceled, the Astley-Baker Davies studios missing time to produce the rest of the series, and then reappeared in April 2019.

With the end of the year approaching, many have begun to wonder what was the 2021 game. Although titles such as metroid Dread, Deathloop and turnal are good candidates, It seems that the Internet already has its champion, and it is about My Friend Peppa Pig.

That s right, the child play that came to the market on October 22, already has practically perfect ratings in Comometacritic and Steam sites. Although the reception of the criticism is basically non-existent, the fans do not stop celebrating the great achievements that my friend peppa Pig offers this industry.

This title was developed by Petens Studio and published by Outright Games. M and Friend PEPPA PIG adapts the stories of this children s animated series, and many have pointed out that this experience does a good job by taking these classic episodes to a new medium. In this way, the players have already begun to call this title the true Goty of 2021.

My Friend PEPPA PIG is now available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you have no idea what this title is going, you can check your launch trailer here.

Editor s note:

Obviously all this is a joke. This is the opposite case of the Bombing Review. Here is positively qualified to a game just to make a joke. It would be interesting to see a real opinion about this game. However, it is more fun to see my Friend Peppa Pig within the best qualified games of the year.

Via: Metacritic