Sony announces the first game from the November line-up for PS Plus. As the publisher communicates in the State of Play issue yesterday Wednesday, the party game lands First Class Trouble in the new month in the bid for PS plus members. The downloads starts on 2 November: Subscribers will receive both the PS4 and PS5 version included. So Sony has confirmed the first game from the previous leak.

PlayStation Plus November 2021 Free Games Announced - IGN Daily Fix

Users Billbil-kun had reported on the bargain website Dealabs that next to First Class Trouble also Knockout City (PS4 and PS5) as well as Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4) in PS Plus bid for November. The user is now considered a secure source: Already for September and October he had predicted the inclusive games for the online service correctly. The confirmation of the complete list is missing Sony but still. An announcement remained on Wednesday. At what time the publisher finally presents the list, remains to be seen.

In addition to the three mentioned games, the November line-up at PS plus is also to include three VR games – on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the VR glasses. According to Billbil-Kun, the action game The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners as PSVR title with it, two more games are apparently planned as a surprise. To get access to the PS plus games, you need a subscription at the online service: the annual membership costs around 60 euros.

What s up at First Class Trouble?

In the party game First Class Trouble, everything revolves around social deception, which adds the communication with other players to the foreground. You must first decide whether you work together with other players or deceive them. For residents, the main goal is to turn off the malignant Ki in the heart of the Alithea. As a personal identity you have to prevent this at any cost. If a player asks you for a task for help, you should always consider whether he may want to lead you in a trap. Insights into the game run, you will receive in the following trailer.

From David Martin
28.10.2021 at 08:11