The launch of Battlefield 2042 is approaching: Dice has released a new trailer on the publication on 19 November, which holds more Gameplay scenes from the ego shooter. The previously integrated video focuses on the three cards stored, transition and new beginning available to the launch of Battlefield 2042. You are in the Indian Alang on the road: Along a strategically important section of the West Coast, huge ships are stranded and are now slaughtered. You fight on the hulls of these ships – always on the hat from deadly storms.

Battlefield 2042 NEW Gameplay - 3 new maps, guns, more!

In turn, an ice map in the Antarctic awaits you. On this dynamic map, on which oil funding has made the frozen area a strategic focal point, you should move carefully. Uses destructible fuel tanks and silos, which leave for the destruction of debris fields and permissives, the developers write.

In the Arab desert, there is a new beginning again: Here is a huge wall in the center, which should secure the agricultural areas created by people. In addition to the three tickets to be seen in the video are to the start of Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 57.99 € / 53.99 €) In addition, the multiplayer maps hourglass, cargo list, kaleidoscope and orbital are available. We will keep a preview of Battlefield 2042 under the link set. Only a few weeks ago, the developers volunteered the secret about the game mode Hazard Zone.

From David Martin

29.10.2021 at 09:32