The Munich Security Conference (English Munich Security Conference, MSC) is a international conference that has been held annually in February in Munich in Munich, on the politician, military and economic representatives, non-governmental organizations and experts for security-relevant topics conversations outside of diplomatic and protective specifications. The purpose and purpose is debating on current topics of outdoor, security and defense policy. It is the world s largest meeting of its kind. Previous names are Wehrwundungung and Munich Conference for Security Policy.
Venue is the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Oweller is the Foundation Münchner Security Conference (non-profit) GmbH.
The 56th Münchner Security Conference took place from the 14th to 16 February 2020. Among the approximately 450 participants were state presidents, top politicians, ambassadors, high-ranking military, security experts, representatives of international organizations, science and economy from the Member States of NATO and the European Union, but also from other countries such as Russia, the People s Republic of China, Japan and India. The conference 2020 had as a topic Westlessness – a widespread sense of discomfort and restlessness in the face of growing uncertainty about the future and determination of the West, for which a comprehensive report was presented. The 57th Münchner Security Conference found due to the Covid 19-pandemic at the usual starting time of the conference on 19 February 2021 in the form of Munich Special Edition 2021 instead, a TV event, etc. Participation by Angela Merkel, António Gutres, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden. Here, the US President announced in his first appeal to an international audience: America is back. and signaled that transatlantic relationships are again an external priority for the USA.
After the final decision that no Munich security conference can be carried out in 2021, several smaller events in the context of the Road to Munich are the way to now for February 2022 for February 2022 during the year.

The CEO Oliver Kahn has prompted the uncovered players of Bayern Munich to a rethink. It s our absolute conviction that our players must be vaccinated, Kahn said before the DFB Cup at Borussia Mönchengladbach in the ard.

Most recently, Joshua had Kimmich with his confession to have no Corona vaccine. Josh knows the attitude of Bayern. We can only recommend our players to vaccinate, Kahn said. Even if we see the topic differently, you have to have respect for Joshua that he has a different opinion.

Whether public discussions at Kimmich have led to a rethinking, I do not know. The four other unvaccinated players of Bayern would be currently very, very many thoughts according to Kahn.

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Besides, Kahn was talking about Lucas Hernandez, who came around a prison sentence in Spain: We ve assumed that exactly this result comes about. We were not relaxed now, but have accompanied that and are glad that it is so assumed.