The air for Lucas Hernández from the German football master FC Bayern Munich is always always thinner. Until Tuesday afternoon, there was no decision on the appeal for the 25-year-old. If the appeal continues to be granted until Thursday, Hernández must compete a six-month prison sentence.

So at least it sees the Spanish case law that had imposed the prison agent against the French. The Haftstraße was already imposed in 2019 after he disregarded a ban on contact with his girlfriend and today s wife Amelia.

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By Thursday, at least clarity will prevail whether Hernández is actually transferred to a Spanish prison or if it will come again to an appeal.

The Lower Rhine crisis and legal expert Mathias Bradler has expressed itself on Tuesday in the picture to the satisfactory matter and actually appreciates the situation for the Bayern star as very precarious.

The lawyers have to do a little miracle. […] If I venture a forecast: Lucas Hernández is detained on Thursday, said the clear assessment of the lawyer in the newspaper interview.

Hernández discrimination imposed approximation prohibition

The highest priority for the defense of the Bayern player is now to win time to achieve a new procedure again: You [the Hernández lawyers, note d. Red.] Must get the court to push the enforcement of the judgment on the long bank. You have to achieve a suspensive effect. Your goal must be that the court does not enforce the verdict until the appeal was decided.

Particularly confusing throughout the Causa is the fact confirmed by all sides that the approximately proximity ban imposed in 2019 was disregarded to the later wife Amelia by Hernández, but this happened in mutual agreement. For the Spanish jurisdiction, this is completely insignificant according to Bradler. Hernández would have had to adhere to the proximity ban, despite reconciliation with his later wife.

In the case of an actual verdict, the question is likely to be the question of whether the Football World Champion of 2018 is likely to compete in Germany, where he has been living since 2019.

According to crowders Bradler, this scenario is clearly regulated: In my opinion, this possibility does not exist. The German justice has nothing to do with this man. He is convicted as a French citizen in Spain. He will have to compete in Spain.

What Hernández will continue to encourage

After all, the manner of the supposed finish of the prison sentence can certainly be considered to be mild: It will certainly not have to go to a prison together with heavy criminals, but can be able to survive its imprisonment in the open execution. Inmaches in the open enforcement are allowed to fundamentally your job Further.

In this case, Hernández could then be kept in a club in Spain. In addition, the appeal continues, even if he is in custody, added the lawyer to the picture . If then it is decided that the first instance was wrong, the prisoner door goes up immediately and there is a damages, he added.

The entire trap Lucas Hernández has not yet decided not yet and should continue to employ both the most expensive purchasing of the Bundesliga history itself and FC Bayern.