Olympique de Marseille (OM) is a French football club founded in 1899 by René Dufaure de Montmirail.
The Marseille Club plays at the Huveaune stadium from 1904 to 1937, when the velodrome stage is inaugurated. Previously, the club won its first Coupe de France in 1924 and becomes the very first provincial club to face this title. OM is one of the clubs that played during the inaugural season 1932-1933 and still evolves in Ligue 1 today. After a first title of Champion of France in 1929, in a competition today disappeared, the Phocian Club wins its first professional championship in 1937, before descending for the first time in second division in 1959. A series of climbs and descents s Followed in the 1960s and the following decade is marked by the first championship cut-out of the club s history in 1972. After a black period in the early 1980s where the OM is close to bankruptcy, the arrival of Bernard Tapie introduces the most popular period of the club, with four consecutive championship titles, a Cup of France and the 1992-1993 Champions League, the first of the history of European football under this appellation, which remains the first and the first Only C1 won by a French club. The VA-OM case and its economic consequences plunge the club into the second division. As a result of its recovery in 1996, the club again confronts justice with the Case of the accounts of OM and can no longer reach a major title, despite including two UEFA Cup finals (1999 and 2004 ) This white period ends with the title of champion of France in 2010 and three consecutive victories in the league cup in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
The club is chaired by Pablo Longoria since February 26, 2021, the majority shareholder being the American Frank McCourt. The first team, driven by Jorge Sampaoli since February 8, 2021, evolves during the 2021-2022 season in Ligue 1.

SC Freiburg remains the only unbeaten side in the Bundesliga and goes with a lot of confidence in the top match at Bayern Munich.

Christian Streich made no attempt to deny the amazing fact. Let s see how many top games we then still have, but that: It s a big game, I can not deny the coach of SC Freiburg said, referring to the game with the amazing theme on Saturday with Bayern Munich. we now have one that s nice.

The job to the crew from one of the most surprising top pairings in recent history of the Bundesliga had previously granted the fans. Put the Bayern leather pants, it echoed a 3: 1 (2: 0) versus Greuther Fürth by the new stadium.

SC Freiburg vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights
A lot of things work very well

If the master is actually the Bavarian trousers should be snatched away, the third party would even draw level from the Breisgau on points with the First from Munich. This is basically pleasant, commented match perfectly at ease this prospect that is not even realistic.

Finally, the Freiburger even after ten matches, the only unbeaten team in the elite class. The ten games without defeat Breisgauer have leveled their club record, the projection to a place outside the Champions League is already six points.

I m not unhappy It s a fine if you do not lose. Admitted string only tersely to log before he gave a deeper insight. Our current situation already leads to a certain calmness, I feel less pressure Many things work very good. The team presents itself very stable and very hungry.

It was also felt against the climber from Fuerth, who had to play due to corona infections and injuries personnel severely weakened. Although the cup battle had cost a lot of strength during the week at VfL Osnabruck with the victory on penalties and felt sand in the gears, was the SC was in the style of a top team against the bottom club miss a thing.

SC Freiburg drives with lightness to Bayern

An own goal by Simon Asta (20) and goals from Nicolas Hofler (39) and Vincenzo Grifo penalty spot (79th) scored in front of 31,500 spectators for the success of Freiburg, who taught the severed tail light the eighth consecutive defeat. The goal of Jamie Leweling (74th) did not bring the string-Eleven out of the socket.

Although the coach maximum footballing average attested to his charges as a result of the English week, the victory was never in serious danger. This Freiburg Evolution ensures confidence before the big game. It s great that we can continue with this form of ease there, commented prank.

Also Muniching director Jochen Saier spoke of a special situation for his club because it s a big game is not only because of Bavaria – but also for us.

A little jitters but seem to have despite their winning streak the pros.. There has to fit a lot that we get what we still talk of Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg scorer Hoefler said initially before but still remembered the width of the chest: Nevertheless we go confidently to Munich.