Bayern Munich (Fußball Club Bayern München E.v.) is a German OmniBayerns club established on February 27, 1900 and also based in Munich, Bavaria. The team has actually been playing considering that 1965 in Bundesliga and is nicknamed Rekordmeister (in French: owner of the titles document ), he is one of the most labelled European club of the 21st century (second worldwide).
Obtaining its initial successes in the Bavarian Championships, the club rapidly wins in prestige and wins its initial national title in 1932. Knocked by the Nazi regimen as Jewish club, its growth is slowed till the end of the 2nd Globe Battle. Ultimately founding participant of the South Oberliga, the club attracts attention by winning the DFB-Pokal, the German Mug, in 1957 yet does not get approved for the initial specialist championship. FC Bayern signs up with the Bundesliga in 1965 and is quickly developed in Cador of the Champion, consisting of four titles between 1969 as well as 1973. Three-way European Champ of Clubs in between 1974 and also 1976, the FCB then wins a global card validated by a title in global area in 1976.
Ten times champion of Germany between 1980 as well as 1999, champion of the UEFA Mug 1996 and also three times finalist of C1 in 1982, in 1987 as well as in 1999, the club, then led by the former International Franz Beckenbauer validates its leading placement on German and international football by completing a global champions-cup league in 2001. Writer of a nationwide triplet in 2008 where he wins the Liga-Pokal, the DFB-Pokal as well as the Bundesliga, FC Bayern is once again noticeable By winning the Champions Organization, the UEFA supercap and also the Club World Mug in 2013, where the Club has actually gathered 9 successive titles of Germany champion, the last acquired in 2021. Bayern Munich also knows A fantastic competition with Borussia Dortmund. The 2 clubs have met in a top on top: the final of the 2013 Champions League won 2-1 by the Bavarians.
In 2020, regardless of the arrest that took area from March until June, Bayern wins for the second time in its history the tripled Germany-Cup Champions Championship Championship. By engaging in the next season the supercropper of Germany 2020, the UEFA 2020 supercap and the FIFA 2020 Globe Mug, it equals the efficiency completed by FC Barcelona in 2009 by winning all titles. A club can win in a fiscal year.

So you can unload his rage times when you are the FC Bayern. The German record champion trumps again. Five gates, this time in the opposing network. The still absent head coach is satisfied. The inexplicable Cup Schmach near Borussia Mönchengladbach looks yet.

Gladbach shocks Bayern! | Mönchengladbach vs. Bayern München 5-0 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 2. Round

Amazing things have happened to the old forester in Berlin-Köpenick in recent years. This has to do with the football club 1. FC Union to do. They have knocked on the gate to the 1st league for years, sometimes they did that pretty desperately, and when they first stormed the circle of phenomena when they had taken the best place at the table round, the league was suddenly another one. Because the climber already mixes the band the third season in a row. And it would not have been much missing this weekend, the Irishes would have fallen the big FC Bayern into a moderate crisis. This is always a bit faster in Munich than most football sites in Germany.

This is also because the fall height is a very special. While other teams can sleep in mostly well after two defeats, this is very different at the record champion. If the Bundesliga pair had been lost on Saturday after the Cup Horror last week (0: 5 at Borussia Mönchengladbach), then it would not have been badly ordered by coach Julian Nagelsmann s kitchen. The young man built between stove and dishwasher that the greatest and most modern coaching home office built the football world. He had to do that because the coronavirus caught him. Although he has the full vaccination protection. This information is important, especially if you write about FC Bayern these days.

Now you know that the Munich have turned away the medium crisis. Because in Berlin there was a 5: 2 success. That sounds fantastic. That sounds Furios. That sounds like a lot of fun and a little bit of carelessness. But what do you want to accuse a sky-up team? Just pack the frustration in merciless offensive, that can not be wrong, right? Well, this question probably busy dealing with FC Bayern. Because this amazing game on the old forester makes a little excited, but also a little pulled back. Because this game looked at the last hour as far as Bayern-sovereign, it always seemed shaky.

About the defense will be discussed further

About the wobble of the nail men had been reported last detailed. Not only since the debacle of Gladbach is philosophized in the local rounds with the local experts about whether the Munich is not very weaker in the defense this season than in recent seasons. There were still people like David Alaba and Jérôme Boateng under contract.

About international Niklas Süle she tells himself that he really plays a great series, then you wonder about his drowsiness in the duel. At Lucas Hernández you enjoy the hardness and sovereignty in the duel, but wonders when the mighty step is finally the mighty defense chief.

And then there is still Dayot Upamecano. Its lack of resistance is the biggest topic. One then likes to remember the young Boateng, who was finally a heroic Luftikus, before he became one of the best edges in Europe. Now Upamecano is already 23 years old. That s still young, for a footballer but already old. A talent is one with 19th and so Nagelsmann also warned against the game that his potential defense chief in the duel sometimes had to show a tactical mature behavior.

It is already remarkable how quickly the situation changes the record champion. Even before it came to the Schmach in the Borussia Park on Wednesday, the situation was at least pink. Hardly anything else was spoken than about these dominance boys from the south. And these stories knew many heroes. The coach of course, who went wildly in his intoxication about the digital revolution of football. Perhaps especially if he surfed with his futuristic e-skateboard over the Munich record campus.

Leroy Sané was also a hero. And Joshua Kimmich anyway. But he liked (as hero) because he is not vaccinated against Corona. From all directions, messages reach him. Applause from the right and lateral core. Attacks of Bavaria Legends like Paul Breitner, health experts and people without expertise. But these are mostly those who loudest barks. Meanwhile, remarkable words came from the new Bundestag President Bärbel Bas, it were reconcilient sentences with heart warming.

Maybe the debate about the German football heroes had the club and the team but more busy than wanted to admit. Maybe one was busy who this extremely sensitive detail had pierced to the picture newspaper. Did it come from the circle of the team? If so, then the club would have a damn big problem. But you do not know.

A brutal show in 35 minutes

Well, on the old forester you had the feeling for 35 minutes that FC Bayern had shaken all the burden of past days. Because in addition to Kimmich there was also the threatened at the last meter, threatening prison sentence for defense man Hernández. So much stress and pressure, you have to endure that first. And you could certainly ask the question: How much stress and pressure can endure such a team, even if they are the FC Bayern? There you know that. But just not this way. Not in this intensity. Union Berlin was brutal in the first half hour, whose coach Urs Fischer took off the glasses after a good 20 minutes and rubbed his eyes. That looked damn after disaster. Robert Lewandowski had hit twice. And in the 2: 0, a direct free kick from the penalty area, he had packed all his rage. A few minutes later, Sané increased to 3: 0. Everything under control on the not-falling ship.

But suddenly the game tipped. Two minutes before the break Nico Gießelmann had shortened to 1: 3. One minute later, Sheraldo Becker met, but he was just in the away. The hut in Köpenick, however, started really fire. And the Bayern shaken. The discovered the lamb tail in the foot. For 15 minutes, nothing left, three huge opportunities left the hosts, also because Manuel new is still manuel new. You have to mention (again). From an extreme force of the Berliner spoke co-trainer Dino Toppmöller. We then got involved in your game and no longer found the inner peace, Criticized Thomas Müller, it had been the typical Union face. Never give up.

This curious tremor finally finished Kingsley Coman. The man whose future in Munich is unclear in Munich because of stressful contract negotiations, the ball welded the ball in a switching attack as humorless in the angle of short goalkeeping, that the old forester for a moment for a moment. Although Julian Ryerson thyred the auditorium again, but the miracle was no longer enough.

We felt the pain

This five-goal embassy to the competition was unmistakable. The FC Bayern has started the humiliation of Gladbach first, but she is not forgotten. We have not only lost a game, but a competition that means us a lot in the season, emphasized Müller, who constantly achieved his team and achieved the final goal: Accordingly, we have to deal with it. So the Unioner got to feel what that can mean. Others will follow. We felt the pressure, we felt the pain, but we delivered today, Müller wrote later at Instagram.

Previously, he had expressed a small but unobvious criticism of the reports after the Schmach: If FC Bayern flies out with 0: 5 crash from the cup, it is clear that one or the other saying comes slightly under the belt line is. That s okay for me, we are all not out of sugar, said Müller at Sky: You have to plug it in. To rehouse again.

Tobias Nordmann

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