Wolf collects more yellow cards at the sideline than many of his players. Sporty, however, it seems to pay off, the VFR is currently ranking ten. He also trusts on many young players, pushing our game the stamp.

At the beginning of the season, you spent seven as a seasonal goal. Is it there, Mr. Wolf?

If we reach that, it would be a top performance. At the front, I see the top three of the league: The SSV Ulm 1846, Ulm, yellow cardss Offenbach and Elversberg. Follow the surprise team FSV Mainz 05 II as well as the ambitious teams from Homburg and Steinbach Haiger. If we could rode behind it, that would be great.

Currently you trust the 19-year-old Tim Schmidt in the defensive chain. An emergency solution?

Tim is far more than an emergency solution for the diseased Daniel Stanese. Tim initially had changing problems from the junior in the senior citizen area. But in the meantime he makes it very good.

The entire medical team couldn't stop screaming when they realized what this woman gave birth to

At the beginning of the season, they also made the young goalkeeper Matthias Layer to number one, but then committed a new keeper with Tim Paterok. Did you deceive yourself in Layer?

You have seen that training and competition are two pairs of boots. Our last year s goalkeeper has told that Matze is a training world champion. But no one who wins games. I did not want to believe that. And I was hoping that Matze meets the trust in the place of emotional. But he is still young, and he can evolve. With Tim Paterok and Daniel Bernhardt, he has two goalkeepers around him, from whom he can look away.

Do you worry about the league?

The league is very tight and there can be up to six relegated. That s why I have the fight for the class content in mind, but I d rather look forward. And I m sure you are rewarded when you get the rest in the environment. Alexander Hague / SM