I ve felt for 50 years at football, every day felt. Either on the Kickplatz or earlier as Bub and Bayern was always the measure of all things, looked back on Friday afternoon and told him as little boy the triumph of the Munich in the European Cup The national champion in the 1970s on the lap of his father looked at television: These were highlights, because at that time not many games came live, I still know scenes from these games because it was so eaten. That was Bayern Munich, that were ours Absolute Heroes, Gerd Müller, Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, Bulle Roth.

His whole life had been present of the Association Bayern Munich. And now I may play against them for a few years, in the A-youth I was often allowed to play against them. And then we even won in the A-youth and then many spectators were in the football school. For me Bavaria is not unimportant in my football life. And to play against Bayern Munich and fight, something wonderful for me is something wonderful.

The beautiful memories will be quenching and his players on Saturday but not to be ruled in awe. On the contrary. We absolutely want to offer you the forehead, even if you are only half as big as your Bavarian. But our should also be strong and hard. Then we will see what comes out. We are totally happy and I m always happy Download, even if we did not stand so well, because I just like to kick against Bayern, because it is something special, again and again, again and again.

To the attitude of his players strike does not worry

Except for the long-term failures Jonathan Schmid, Nils Petersen, Roland Sallai and Kimberly Ezekwem, prank has no personal sors and as before each game advised intensively with his coaching team, whether he last against Fürth (3: 1) to the 4-4-2- Or sets the 3-4-3 system, which came into use in the six compulsory matches at the beginning of the game. As expected, he did not reveal the decision this time. Away from the basic formation, there is more on how every single professional in the Munich arena occurs and the two-fighting with the top players of the subscription master accepts.

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At the attitude of his players in front of this much noticed and the Freiburg unfamiliar top game, prank is not worried, also because of the past: I was very satisfied with the attitude as we have moved to Munich in recent years. We did it – Toi, TOI, TOI – in Munich some games to make very tight, said the 56-year-old and has most of all, the three youngest duels in the Bavarian state capital in mind.

To go directly

Last season, the SC 1: 2 lost, after Nils Petersen had just missed the compensation in the final phase with a slatted goal. After 1: 3 on the 33rd Gameday 2019/20, stroke annoyed for days that his team had not better used existing rooms and in November 2018 the SC professionals reached a 1-1 – the so far from Lucas Höler Only point profit in Munich in eight attempts under prank, which won a total of 17 duels with the FCB as a professional coach at least one thing: in May 2015 at home with 2: 1, when Bayern were already masters and the SC despite this sensational victory a week Later through a 1: 2 in Hannover descent.