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While FC Bayern is pleased with a victory in the top match against SC Freiburg strong, is at VFL Bochum keeper Manuel Riemann subject who wanted to take a penalty — and failed. These are the voices for the 11th Bundesliga Highlights:

Bayern Munich — SC Freiburg 2: 1

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Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich):… It was deserved victory, even if Freiburg the first ten minutes was a lot of pressure the last pass has not always voted It took us a bit after the break, we had many opportunities, but not as many as the last game. In the end we get that one goal. I am glad it has fallen so late. At the end we are happy with the three points.

… whether the championship with Bayern or the Champions League qualifiers with the larger Freiburg coach performance was (before the game): I believe that both a performance But the Champions League qualifier with. Freiburg is to be added later.

Leon Goretzka (top scorer Bayern Munich)… about Manuel Neuer. If you go out there, and he goes ahead, it s something special then you simply have one hundred percent confidence That gives us strength Er. is like a machine. Sure, he sometimes makes a mistake, but that is human. In the situations where he can make mistakes as he makes no mistakes. He s just always there for years. This is simply world-class.

… to the game: We played today against a good team, that was a big game, the one must not forget we are there to win these games is what we did today….

Christian Stretch (SC Freiburg coach):. We have lost about I am rarely pleased Otherwise I was satisfied Bayern had a couple of situations that we have just defended The team has given everything she has courage. Played. Too bad we four minutes have not made three earlier effort. But more than today, we can not do that.

Lucas Hole (SC Freiburg). It was an extremely difficult game for us, We had a good battle plan, though you can not defend everything we had until the end of the game there should not be, but I. Believe that Bayern has not won undeserved.

Christian Günter (Captain SC Freiburg):… Of course, a series you always want to keep But we have known it in Munich is difficult course that was the maximum touchstone But we have seen that we have a keep up certain extent. Then can be set up. There is also still a return match.

VFL Wolfsburg — FC Augsburg 1: 0

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Florian Krefeld (trainer VFL Wolfsburg): The first 45 minutes were our best first half this week In the second half we should not have to complain about the balance Since we were footballing not good enough but it… was pleasing that in our mentality was there.

Lukas Mecca (VFL Wolfsburg): It s a good week for me, I am happy at the moment the coach sees my strengths very well and makes us good.

Bayern Munich hands FC Freiburg their first loss of the season | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Markus Easier (Coaches FC Augsburg):. After this game, the course we have to take a point, it was even possible to turn the game yet, but when one gets always fast in arrears, it is just difficult on the second half-time you can build, but we need more efficiency.

André Hahn (FC Augsburg): We are like to come in recent games badly into play You always feel that we need a residue to play any football in the second half you could see. That we can.

VfB Stuttgart — Armenia Bielefeld 0: 1

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Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): We have seen a decent first half of us, where the last punch was missing We conceded an unnecessary goal Over the second half we lost the thread at the end. We had little more structure. The boys wanted, in terms of passion and desire, you can not blame them, but unfortunately it was not enough.

Sven Militant (VFL Bochuming director VfB Stuttgart)… to the current injury problems of CFB (before the game): These are things we need to breathe away We ll find out quite well, we will now not start whining.. We take it as it is. it is a phase through which we have to fight our way now. We are still in place in the table 13. Before the season we clearly said that it goes against the descent. And are there we assumed the full band.

… to the game: We lack three shock strikers What are we talking around it, we have arrived where we saw each other before the season — in a relegation battle…

Daniel Diwali (VfB Stuttgart): In the first half we were definitely the better team and have also played football as a last week. In the second half you can not deny us. But also there It just missed.

Frank Kramer (coach Armenia Bielefeld): The relief is huge. We are extremely happy and very glad that we could drive the victory. There swings a lot of positive reactions. The team has a correct, really great Performance offered, scary is marched. It was impressive how she shook her heart on the place.

VFL Bochum — TSG Cofferdam 2: 0

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Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): We knew in advance, which is a quality in the Cofferdam team. We ourselves have made it defensively quite properly. We were always very good in the room, but have to move forward Little pressure enforced. In the second half it was an open game that can tilt in both directions. Of course, it s nice to replenish two players involved in the gate. We at the end also lucky we were the victory Hare have brought.

Sebastian Honey (Trainer TSG Cofferdam): We are disappointed, served and do not agree with the result. In the first half we have managed to let Bochum do not come into the game. We felt the game under control, even after the break. A 0: 1 may not happen in a game that pointed on button on a button. Then it becomes difficult in such a witch chamber. Then we lost ourselves emotionally. After the shot penalty we have our clear overpayment situations too sloppily played.

Christoph Baumgartner (1899 Cofferdam) For the shot penalty of Bochum goalkeeper Manuel Riemann: Now he stands a bit as an arrogant Depp. If he had shot him, then everyone had told what a horny guy. We should have that do not be too big. I would not say that it was disrespectful.

PSV Mainz 05 — Borussia Mönchengladbach 1: 1

BO Venison (coach Mainz 05): On the whole I am satisfied. We started well and dominated. At the goal, we were unorganized and undisciplined. But over the entire 90 minutes we would have earned the game to win.

ADI Hunter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): The first half was okay. In the end we have to be absolutely satisfied with the point. Mainz plays football with passion and power, that they have shown today.