Juventus Turin has also made a step out of the crisis in the series A. The Italian football record champion defeated the AC Florence with 1: 0 (0: 0).

Joker Juan Colorado (90. + 1) scored the redeeming hit. During the week, JUNE had already qualified prematurely for the second round of the Champions League.

Nevertheless, there was media-shell. June is a team that is never dangerous. Make a lot of sensation, but little results. Maximiliano Allegra, that s not how it works!, Criticized the Gazette hello Sport.

The Colombian Juan Colorado, a trust man Allegros, saves a game at the last minute, in which the AC Florence has toughed with ten players resistance, wrote autosport.

Joker Colorado meets his ex-team and spares his coach another lamination. The golden times with Ronaldo goals are only a pale memory for June, the Corriere Hello Sport judged.

Juventus Turin on the rise

Through the first ligating after three encounters without success, the old lady approached international places. The guests had to deny the final phase after yellow-red against Nikola Milenkovic (73rd) with a man less.

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Meanwhile, Atalanta Bergamo has just made his king class ambitions. The club of the national player Robin Go sens won just 2: 1 (2: 1) at Uptight Cagliari Calico. Go sens is about a month due to a tendon injury in the thigh.