Lies of P will offer an evil-yellow Pinocchio, which divides powerful in Souls Like Manner.

Maybe you ve heard of Lies of P, a gloomy action RPG, which was announced this year and turning around the story of probably the most famous wooden doll. The game mutates like a clone of the Dark Souls series of fromSoftware and should appear 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and the PC. As Publisher, Neo wiz (Bless Unleashed) is responsible.

Now the developer Round8 Studio based in South Korea has published a video that shows in-game game scenes from an alpha version of Lies of P. And we are impressed. The material properly returns: Brutal fights with different weapons and enemy types, fast counterattacks and the whole in breathtaking graphics.

The plot plays in the pre-industrial city cat, which was once beautifully looked at and is now hit by horrible and distorted robotics. The main character P is a mechanical doll looking for Mr. Ghetto and must turn the mischief that lies over race. P is equipped with a mechanical arm that serves as a weapon or tool and holds unique skills like a gripping arm. Help on the way through the city there is, though little, but the Crux is: P has to lie to anyone on which he meets if he wants to be the hope to become human for himself.

Lies of P Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer

The almost baroque-like environment and the look of Lies of P are reminiscent of Blood borne, another Souls-Like game that has brought to fame worldwide. We are already hyped and looking forward to more of Lies of P.

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