Still great FPS vs bad, but it is not excellent

Blizzard s new FPS (Bang Guard) is accompanied by media and users. Today (8-day) standard was classified as a overall favorite game that is given a mean 76 points from 17 media and was selected. The open-style average score is 80 points.

Digital Chumps, Vanguard> boasts the best visuals among the series, and campaigns also offer intense. Developer Salad Hammer Games made an amazing I gave me a methane 97 points.

Hobby Consoles (Hobby Consoles) also said, Although the second World War I could not show properly, is still a great FPS Campaign is a magnificent and multiplayer, too, and it is fun. Zombie mode is amazing. Awarded.

From 70 points, the atmosphere changes a little. Despite its own, the evaluation of the assessment that there is no special element.

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The Trinity (XFINITY), which gives 70 points to , is Vanguard> seems to have improved multiplayer than . However, to capture hardcore fans, campaigns and zombie modes I need more effort to say, he said, I am not a bad , but it is not the best.

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The same score of the game spot also felt some to the to a good extraction in the franchise, but not all elements are mixed well. Especially, We are weakening both.

The responses of users are not much different from this. It is because of the coexistence of favorable and criticism of the game.

In particular, the campaign mode corresponding to the single content of the game is a somewhat accepted evaluation. This is because all the missions are similar, as well as the opinion that the character that attracts the story is not attractive, as well as the difficult to find different points specially with the previous. There is also a positive comment. The Campaign heroes that motifs the existence of the existence of the motifs are attractive enough, short, but also sounds that it is a short but intense.

The graphics or zombie mode, including map design, is not well-known. In particular, in the case of zombie mode, there is a lack of content, but it is obtaining a positive response that the convenience and fun was added. In addition, it is also suffering from the movement of the developer to continue to reflect the feedback collected through the beta test. The new returned to a year is a reason for somewhat accepted.

The Campaign shall be crossed the eastern, western front and North Africa and deals with the origin of special units that opened the big success in World War II. Users should perform a mission that prevents the project Phoenix s savings. The first zombie crossover cooperative mode is also supported.

Salad Hammer Games Alexa Designer is glad to be able to take the story of people who forgotten in history and time through Bang Guard, said the campaign would be able to give us emotionally great to the user.

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