France s football national player Laminate Dial lo denies its involvement in the violent attack on her teammate Keira Harari at Master Paris St. German. This reported the French news agency AFP according to a corresponding explanation of the lawyer of the 26-year-olds. Dial lo was set on Wednesday in connection with the attack and was released from the police custody after 24 hours.

SHOCKING ATTACK IN WOMEN'S FOOTBALL! WILD STORY IN PSG! Criminal and women fights in football!
Dial lo hopes that the judicial authorities conclude their investigations quickly. It is sure that this will prove your complete innocence in the end, comes from the statement. They condemn the completely artificial hint of a rivalry between her and Keira Hamraouou, who would explain why they would have apart from their teammate.

In addition, Dial lo criticize the speculations of the media, which they have already convicted without their own statement. It will not hesitate to take legal action. Her fixing overnight, she felt unnecessary in her eyes as unnecessary, as she could have made a statement without compulsion.

Unknown sitting in prison

According to the subject newspaper L Equip Dial lo should be driven home with Harari last Thursday after a club dinner home, as unknown Harari attacked with an iron rod. The midfield player suffered injuries to thighs and tidies, but they should have no enlarged damage.

Whether Dial lo really stands behind the attack on Harari is still unclear. In addition, in Lyon in connection with the act, a man in prison, which stands in close connection to Dial lo.

According to AFP, Paris, where the German national player Sara Tabriz is under contract, is also asked to have asked the French Football Association after the attack of the attack around the relocation of the league game against Olympic Lyon on Sunday.