The FIFA World Cup, usually just called the World Cup, is a global association football competitors disputed by the senior guy s national teams of the members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport s global governing body. The championship has been awarded every 4 years because the inaugural competition in 1930, other than in 1942 and also 1946 when it was not held due to the Second World War. The current champion is France, which won its 2nd title at the 2018 tournament in Russia.
The current style involves a credentials phase, which happens over the preceding three years, to identify which teams certify for the competition stage. In the tournament stage, 32 teams, including the instantly certifying host nation(s), complete for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over concerning a month.
The 21 World Cup competitions have actually been won by eight nationwide groups. Brazil have won five times, and they are the only group to have played in every competition. The other World Cup winners are Germany as well as Italy, with 4 titles each; Argentina, France, and also inaugural winner Uruguay, with two titles each; and also England and also Spain, with one title each.
The World Cup is the lot of prestigious association football tournament worldwide, as well as the most commonly seen and complied with single sporting occasion worldwide. The advancing viewership of all matches of the 2006 World Cup was approximated to be 26.29 billion with an approximated 715.1 million individuals viewing the last suit, a ninth of the whole populace of the earth.17 countries have hosted the World Cup. Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, and also Mexico have actually each held two times, while Uruguay, Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, England, Argentina, Spain, the United States, Japan and also South Korea (collectively), South Africa, and also Russia have actually each hosted as soon as. Qatar will hold the 2022 event, and also 2026 will certainly be collectively organized by Canada, the USA, as well as Mexico, which will certainly offer Mexico the distinction of being the very first nation to host video games in 3 World Mugs.

European champions Italy and Switzerland split up with a 1: 1 draw. Here you can read the game in the live ticker.

Italy vs. Switzerland — 1: 1: Match Statistics

Italy vs. Switzerland — 1: 1



0: 1 Wider (11), 1: 1 DI Lorenzo (36th)

Installation Italy

| Donnarumma — DI Lorenzo, ONUCI, Acerbic, Emerson (80. Calabria) — Barkley (70. Christiane), Jericho, Pocatello (58. Tonal) — Chaise, Beloit (58. Bernard), insignia (80 Rappaport)

Installation Switzerland

| Summer — Wider, Kanji, warping, Rodriguez (69. Garcia) — Bavaria, Ruler — Steffen (69th IMEI), Shapiro (79th Sow), Vargas (86 Require) — Orator (79 free)

Yellow cards


Chaise (43) Insignia (47) / Garcia (87th)

Italy vs. Switzerland, World Cup qualifying: The 1: 1 for future reference in Live Scores

Conclusion: Italy and Switzerland split up at 7. Round with a 1: 1. So the battle for the direct ticket to the group stage in Qatar continues. Here, the game starting so well for the Swiss who went through Wider in the lead before Lorenzo DI headed equalizer away. In the second half of the flow of the game got a little stalled until Garcia herschenkte an unnecessary penalty just before the end. The usually reliable penalty taker Jericho shot the ball over the goal, however. Were then the Swiss, who could still win the game in extra time. But Requires completion towards the open goal could be clarified.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Scores — Played

90 + 5. Anthony Taylor finally ended the action on the court.

90 + 3:. That has to be the guide for Switzerland. Donnarumma can not quickly solve enough of the ball and loses the ball that comes Require. This skin but the ball much too lax towards the goal, so that Italians still cleared. Wow!

90.: What was that? Elmeterexperte Jericho replaces, but shoots over the bar.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Scores — yellow card Garcia

  1. Garcia pushes Bernard completely unnecessary to the own penalty area. After VAR review Taylor points to the spot. There are penalties for the European Champion! In addition, Garcia conceded even a yellow card.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Switzerland

  1. Now replaced Akin for the last time. Require replaced his teammate Augsburg er Vargas.

  2. Chaise shoots from a good position, but the ball flies about one meter over the bar.

  3. The final phase is now dawned. Really overweight has no team. The Italians, however, the victory closer than the guests.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Italy

  1. Rappaport also comes for Inside.

  2. champions Italy brings Calabria. Emerson goes out for him.

Italy vs Switzerland 1-1 Extended Highlights All Goals 2021 HD
Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Switzerland

  1. In addition, free for the strong Orator person can use it.

  2. double change on both sides: The NATO sends the Frankfurt Sow for Shapiro onto the field.

  3. This is played short and develops into danger when Inside from a distance effort on goal. Summer can parry.

  4. Wider loses the ball too easily to Tonal who wants to attack immediately. The ball is then clarified by a Swiss for a corner.

  5. Tonal, which ensures the Italians breath of fresh air, comes at a corner while a free header, but the Milan player has to stretch to ever come to the ball. His header goes wide.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Italy

  1. Change The Italians. Instead of Barkley must now run Christiane.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Switzerland

  1. And IMEI comes to Steffen.

  2. Now also sends Akin new players on the field: Garcia Rodriguez replaced.

. 68 Emerson pulls on the left — over it. There was more in it have been.

  1. Bernard dissolves first of Vargas, then Bavaria and brings an edge to the center. This Klan Kanji with his head.

  2. After the game is not necessarily blessed on the lawn with voltage fans with a wave need to make it.

  3. Heavy bad pass in the game design of Kanji but to his teammates can iron out quickly.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifying NOW LIVE Ticker — Currency Italy

58.:… and Tonal for Pocatello.

  1. Now the first double substitution of the game: Mancini brings Bernard for Beloit…

  2. Bavaria is then responsible for the first statements since the restart. However, the ball rolls past the box.

  3. In the second half, the European champion makes the game. Beloit is sighted over, Rodriguez can still be clarified first.

48.: The Swiss want to have seen this game in the sixteen at ONUCI, but Taylor allows continuing playing.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live tick — Yellow Map Inside

47.: At the beginning of the second half, there is first yellow for insignia, which went forward with the tunnels in the duel with Steffen.

46.: Without change, the two coaches send their teams to the second half.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in Live ticker — kick-off 2nd half

Half-time Conclusion: The fans at Studio Olympic see a very sweeping game. While the Italians are looking for patient gaps in Swiss defense with a lot of possession, the guests are mostly waiting to make the game quickly in the form of counterattacks. Especially with Orator, the defense of the Square Aurora had such a few problems. Orator was also the one who saw the freestanding Wider at the 1-0 leadership hit. However, ITALY kept despite the residue the peace and deserved in the 36th minute by Di Lorenzo.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live tick — half-time break

    • 3.: Then the Englishman Anthony Taylor deposits the first half.

45.: There are two minutes on top.

44.: The following free kick can clearly clarify the Italians.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live ticker — Yellow Card Chaise

43.: Now the guests make it good. Vargas sends Rodriguez on the left outer car that can only be stopped by Chaise with a foul. The June striker also gets the yellow card.

40.: The compensation is perfectly fine. The Italians are simply the game-determining team. You can see that immediately after the gate.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live ticker — Tor Italy

36.: Voodoo Italy vs. Switzerland — 1: 1! The Italians deceive at a free kick from the left first, which confuses the Swiss. Then insignia beats the ball towards the gate, where DI Lorenzo knows. The outgoing summer did not make good figure.

35.: However, Switzerland can not beat capital. The corner remains without danger.

34.: Without pressure Acerbic heads the ball into it. There is corner ball for the NATO.

32.: Good chance for Switzerland. Shapiro brings a free-kick in five times. Seller screws up and brings the ball towards the short corner where Donnarumma is then on the spot. However, the Scar, the referee whistles accordingly.

30.: The game has calmed down now. Italians are now the team that dominates the possession.

27.: The viewers have received an attractive game so far. The Italians are now worn and seem to slowly recover from the shock. The pace is high.

24.: The Swiss penalty area is full of players in the red jersey, but Chaise still tries it. Good shot, but summer is on the spot.

22.: Huge chance for Italy. Emerson runs the baseline and plays back on Jericho, the ball is blocked by a Swiss. Barge s margin can still clarify summer to the corner. There was more in there.

21.: Vargas remains short after a duel with ONUCI, but can continue quickly.

18.: Orator plays the Italians dizzy again. First a good dribbling left, then the passport to the free Shapiro, who covers.

16.: Orator with the next good opportunity. The attacker pulls from right to inside and sights the long corner, just misses the gate.

14.: Once again, the Swiss combine in the penalty area of ​​the Italians. The Square Aurora can prevent worse.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live ticker — Gate Switzerland

11th: TROOPER ITALY VS. SWITZERLAND — 0: 1! Shapiro sends Link s Orator, which uses the Italian s sixteen. Orator then sees the freestanding Wider, which meets the ball perfectly. Donnarumma is in turn, the 0: 1 can not prevent anymore.

9.: It all plays in the Swiss half at the moment. Guests are very compact, there are no gaps.

5.: Denis Bavaria tries the right foot from the distance, but the shot is blocked.

4.: Andrea Beloit gets a free kick in one s own half.

1.: Sherman Shapiro tries the left foot from the distance, but the ball flies over it.

1.: The ball rolls.

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualifier now in the Live tick — kick-off

Before starting: The game between Italy and Switzerland today has ended game character. Both the Square Aurora and the NATO fight in the remaining two games around the direct ticket for Qatar 2022, which only gets the group first. It can not be scarcer in the table, the two counterparties are pointing (14 points), the Italians are in front of the better goal difference. In the first round, the two neighbors separated with a 0: 0 draw. At least both teams have already fixed the playoffs in the worst case, but the distance in third place is too big.

Before starting: is played in Studio Olympic in Rome (Italy). At 20.45 clock the duel is kicked.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the World Cup qualifier in group C between Italy and Switzerland.

Italy vs. Switzerland, World Cup qualification: Official listings

Italy: Donnarumma — Di Lorenzo, ONUCI, Acerbic, Emerson — Barkley, Jericho, Pocatello — Chaise, Belt, Ensign
Switzerland: Summer — Wider, Kanji, Scar, Rodriguez — Bavaria, Freezer — Steffen, Shapiro, Vargas — Orator

Italy vs. Switzerland: World Cup qualification today on TV and Livestream

You can follow the game of Italy vs. Switzerland today live and full length DAZN. The streaming service shows almost all games of the World Cup qualification. Only games of the German national team does not have the Netflix of Sports on offer.

For the game today will be used from 20.45 clock, so immediately before kick-off, commentator Carsten foot and expert Christian Bernhard. Seven other World Cup qualifiers transmits DAZN today.

For Italy vs. Switzerland, you need a subscription that costs you either 14.99 euros a month or 149.99 euros a year.

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World Cup qualification: the group C table

Rank | Team | Games | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt.

1 | Italy | 6 | 4 | 2 | 0 | 12: 1 | 11 | 14
2 | Switzerland | 6 | 4 | 2 | 0 | 10: 1 | 9 | 14
3 | Bulgaria | 7 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 6: 10 | -4 | 8th
4 | Northern Ireland | 6 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 5: 7 | -2 | 5
5 | Lithuania | 7 | 1 | 0 | 6 | 4: 18 | -14 | 3