For decades, FC Bayern has been serving the best German players again and again. So in 2002, when Sebastian Dasher moved to Munich. According to ex-President UPI Honey, that in the course of the business flossed a hand-making of the former midfielder UPI Honey no problem.

The Dasher deal is as clean as the water on Tegernsee, said the 69-year-old in the podcast series 11 live. Accordingly, the transfer fee was at Bertha BSC at that time to ten or 15 million D-marks limited, he was 35, 40 million, says Honey.

We then paid a hand money to get him. Completely legitimate, the longtime Bavaria manager continued to stand out. It did not work around a loan. He kept the money, betrayed Honey.

In his time at FC Bayern, Dasher completed a total of 90 competitors before finishing his career at 27 years.

Honey: FC Bayern is not gone over the border

The transfer of Thresher does not constitute an individual case. Finally, FC Bayern in the past lured prominent players from other clubs in the past.

Hoeneß' Erinnerungen an Sebastian Deisler:

We did not go over the border, but you have to go to the border, Honey explained the Munich approach: If you believe, be successful if you keep the left and right cheek, then you can go against Bad Wessex Play, but not against Paris Saint-Germain.

In this day and age, FC Bayern has to deal with a larger and more resistant competition on the transfer market. Especially Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City have been worried about recording transfers for headlines for years.

A small side wire towards the two heavyweights could not resist Honey. So far, you have not won anything. Nothing. No single Champions League title have the two associations, the ex-officer held.