36 Minecraft Ideas Mojang Rejected

Moving reborn Moving Studios. They did it to better represent what they feel the best describe the company. While many might think that Moving is only a single studio responsible for giving new ideas, so dozens of studios scattered around the world that contributed to some of the most famous works of society. The new name Moving Studios is supposed to evoke the image of several small teams working all on several projects.

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In the current state of things, the number one priority of Moving is obviously Minecraft. There are updates and almost infinite details that can be added to a game like this, and it does not seem that Moving is interesting to stop soon. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Although he has more than 10 years, he is still relevant.

That being said, it does not mean that there is no more things to come in the future. Moving said having a movie on the way and a live event. The details surrounding these two topics are at best minimal, but we know they are on the way. We can also expect to see more games later.

Although the original brain of Minecraft has been disappeared for a long time, the company is still booming. It is not uncommon for large developers to embark on new aspects of the industry. Just like Valve, EA and Ubisoft, we may one day see the Moving studios reach the same level of influence. We know they have the money to do it. Although changing the name of your business is not upsetting, the opportunity to open new horizons, certainly.