Philipp AHM (German pronunciation: Flip LAUM/; Munich, Bavaria, Germany, November 11, 1983) is a German exfutbalist who played as a side both left wing and right and also as a defensive midfield. He is the best right of background according to the La chi
He was an outright worldwide with the German team in between 2004 and 2014, being the captain from the 2010 World Mug — with the Resort of Michael Black- to the 2014 Globe Mug, in which he consecrated champ. He was also the captain of Bayern Munich, with which he won numerous titles, including the UEFA Champions League 2012-13 as component of the triplet because period.
It is thought about one of the most effective civil liberties of its generation. It has actually been included in the team of the Globe Cup tournament in 2006, 2010 and also 2014, in the ideal team of Europa in 2008 as well as 2012 and also in the year team UEFA in 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Regardless of being right, he is able to play on both sides of the area.
AHM revealed on February 7, 2017, the sporting activity withdrawal of it after completing the 2016-2017 project of the Bundesliga, after 15 periods as a specialist.
On December 14, 2020, he was included as a right side protection at the 3rd historical Desire Group of the Golden Ball.

At the beginning of June, in the last Bundesliga season, Hearing was last in a mandatory game on the grass. Last week it was said to Bavaria, she was in construction training. She has different problem sites in the body. You can not define that exactly, explained her club coach Jens Schemer. Therefore, the nomination of the 30-year-old surprised for the annual financial statements of the national team in the World Cup qualifier. The last deployment in the DFB jersey completed the defense player at 3: 1 on Norway in April.

Hearing is part of a quartet that was last missing: Even goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger (FC Chelsea), Lena Overdose (VFL Wolfsburg) and Clara Bull (FC Bayern Munich) are back. Furthermore, due to injuries or construction training Paulina Rumba (TSG Cofferdam), Alexandra Pop, Pia Walter (both VFL Wolfsburg) and Sydney Lehmann (FC Bayern Munich).

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We see Portugal as the most demanding task in our group

On Friday, the 26th of November (4 pm, live! At Eintracht Frankfurt), the after four spies still visual loss-free DFB team in Braunschweig first welcomes Turkey. With Turkey, we meet opponents, which are expected to be deeply deep and make us hard to make life from a massive defensive. Here it is important to find solutions and crack with creativity and joy of gorgeous, but also a lot of patience to crack this network, is Loss -Mecklenburg quoted on the website of the DFB.

Four days on Tuesdays (November 30, 19 o clock) in Faro then the annual financial statements against the direct pursuer Portugal on the program. We see Portugal as the most demanding task in our group. This team has developed very well in recent years and that so far confirmed in the competition so far. Accordingly courageous and self-confident, the Portuguese will occur against us. Nevertheless, it is our goal Also in the final games of the year two victories to get and go with the maximum score in the country breaking break, says the national coach.

The German squad at a glance:

Tor: Laura Beneath (Bayern Munich), Ann-Katrin Berger (FC Chelsea), Merle Fr ohms (Eintracht Frankfurt), Azimuth Schultz (VFL Wolfsburg)

Defense: Jana Headlamp (TSG 1899 Cofferdam), Giulia Going, Marina Hearing, Maximilian All (all Bayern Munich), Kathryn Hendrick, Lena Sophie Overdose, Felicia smoke (all VFL Wolfsburg), Sophia Kleinherne, Spoke Musket (both Eintracht Frankfurt)

Midfield / Attack: July Brand (TSG Cofferdam), Clara Bull, Linda Dallas, Lina Magill, Lea Schiller (All Bayern Munich), Sara Tabriz (Paris Saint-Germain), Laura Franking (Eintracht Frankfurt), Svenja Hugh, Lena Latvian, Tabla Warmth (all VFL Wolfsburg), Melanie Leopold (FC Chelsea), Denier Partisan (OF Reign), Lena Determine (HSC Montpellier)