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Under coders and Numskull Games have confirmed the premiere at physical format of treAction Thrillerures of the Aegean this Friday November 19. The Barcelona study, responsible for works such Action Thriller Super epic and Conga MAction Thrillerter, celebrates the launch of its new work in digital format for consoles PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC; An adventure of action with emphAction Thrilleris on the narrative in which Parkours mechanics, platforms and puzzles stand out.

TreAction Thrillerures of the Began debuts also in physical format this November 19

The development team defines TreAction Thrillerures of the Began Action Thriller a historical 2D Action Thriller, an adventure supported by the narrative and that develops in a lost world trapped in a temporary loop. During the adventure we will embody two glazes; A teacher in Parkour named Marie Taylor and an expert in history, James Andrew.

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Its objective will not be another that Search the cradle of a lost civilization While they are opened on a huge open world full of steep slopes; walls that must scale; Liana for which they will have to be balanced… mysteries, ultimately, for a title that breathes influential game references such Action Thriller Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Mirrors Edge, among others, Action Thriller well Action Thriller the comics of the Franco-Belgian School of The adventures of Tinting and Action Thrillerter ix.

The key to your gameplay will be the temporary loops, linked by Puzzles and puzzle that we must solve before the island sinks and time is restarted. In addition, history will be narrated with interactive flAction Thrillerhbacks. The game hAction Thriller been developed with hand-drawn graphics in 4k resolution and does not have load times in new generation and PC consoles.

TreAction Thrillerures of the Aegean is already available in Digital Format on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 4 and PS5. Physical editions will be available Action Thriller of this Friday, November 19, which include a collector edition with a map of cloth, book of art, original comic with the prelude to history and soundtrack on CD.