Bayern Munichs former President UPI Honey has called in the OMR -podcast possible reasons for the crash of Schalke 04 together with descent into the 2nd Bundesliga.

In the scarce it would have too many people tried over the years, said Honey. Clemens Townies had been in office for a long time as a supervisory board, but from football he has not so much idea, he led out.

Decisive for successful work in this business is football expertise, it turned out, and that is not criticism of him that many entrepreneurs have to understand that football is something else.

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For example, Hangovers Martin Child, he guesses as one of the best German entrepreneurs, and yet he can make it just not to make something clever from Hanover. The reason: Because you think, so I have to have played on a certain level of football to really look through. And especially with the players is taken seriously.