TLM Partners and Cooperative Puzzle Game with award-winning Midlife Entertainment, Zora: The Celestial Sisters, asks players to solve a problem with celestial proportions. ASU, the goddess of the night, failed on earth. From now on, she must go through the country of Viral with the help of her sister Solvay, goddess of the sun as shown in this trailer.

In order to return home, ASU must gather his scattered powers. Unfortunately, being the goddess of the night, ASU must avoid the light of the sun and solve puzzles while remaining in the shadows. Players will have to work together and communicate in order to bring back ASU home safely when leaving the game on February 8, 2022.

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The shadow is difficult to find in Viral, a land where the sun never goes down, which means that you will have to be careful as it runs in shadow. Fortunately, Solvay can control the time and exploit solar energy to open new ways, destroy the enemies and help ASU to recover his lost power.

The two sisters will have to team up and solve more and more complicated puzzles as the game progresses. The two-player game offers players the choice between the POV of ASU and Solvay, ASU exploring charming levels 3D In a fairly typical and Solvay adventure format adopting an enlarged view of these levels from its position in the sky.

In this game, cooperation is essential, which is why it is good to hear that Zora: The Celestial Sisters will offer players at the same time a shared screen and online cooperation. It will also include a crossed game between PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the title. As if that were not enough, the Friends Pass will allow players to invite friends who did not even buy the game to try it. Better yet, the game will have a complete crossed game feature activated from the first day, so fans of reflection games in cooperation should skip quickly.

Zora: The Celestial Sisters will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC on February 8, 2022.

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