The 63rd yearly Grammy Awards Ceremony took place on March 14 at the Staples Center of Los Angeles. It compensates the most effective recordings, structures and also musicians of the year, from September 1, 2019, to August 31, 2020. The visits were introduced throughout a real-time virtual program on 24 November 2020 by Harvey Mason Jr. Head of state and Chief Executive Officer of the Interim Recording Academy, alongside Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, Mickey Guy ton, Lauren Dangle, Pepe Aguilar, Nicola Benedetto, Gayle King, Semi Blade, Imogen Stack and Sharon Osbourne. Beyoncé received the most nominations with 9 in complete, adhered to by Dua Lipa, Rowdy Rich and also Taylor Swift with six each.

Studio: Fish labs Release: 3 December 2021 Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia Genre: Action

The genre of the space shooter almost has existed since the formation of the first video games. Already in Space Invaders we headed a small spaceship in the fight against a superiority out of all. A high phase experienced the genre in the 90s and 2000s with games as the Star Fox series or Star Wars Squadron 2: Rogue Leader.

Chorus, developed by the Hamburg developer Fish labs and is polished by Deep Silver, wants to build on old strengths of the genres and develop this clever. In the story of the game, you as a protagonist NARA your intelligent and upgradable spaceship Forsaken controls through all sorts of dogfights, room battles and co-missions to learn more about the universe and NARA’s past and combat the dark circle.

Stars (Ēriks Ešenvalds)

At various points, you can make decisions that should affect the further gameplay. In addition to the action-rich fighting is also a little exploration on the program. So their all sorts of secrets covers the extraterrestrial adversaries and collects new upgrades and weapons for your spaceship. The game should do without annoying grind and similar time fire, the action at all times in the center.

What makes Chorus so special?

Chorus makes a lot different differently than current genre representatives. Games like Star Citizen or No Man’s Sky offer huge universes in which you decide yourself where to fly and what role you want to take. An exciting red story thread you are looking for in vain there. The latter offered the Star Wars published last year: Squadrons, which, however, plays very simulation and brings a high entry-level hurdle.

Chorus deliberately renounces all these mechanics and thus makes its epic spaces very accessible. The story leads you through a hand built and not randomly generated galaxy and waits with all sorts of highlights. The control is easy to learn without intergalactic pilot certificate and thanks to various weapons systems still offers enough depth.

For whom is Chorus interesting?

Chorus is likely to be suitable for all, which Star Citizen or No Men Sky are too extensive or aimless, but they still want epic spaces. The story is likely to be pleasantly clear and entertaining with targeted 10 hours of playing. Above all, players who liked the older representatives of the genre, should definitely risk a look here.

Through the simple control, all sci-fi fans who otherwise have less with flight games on the hat can also experience the exciting plot about good and evil. The previous trailers promise a narrative of turns and greatly designed missions that explore the limits of reality. Whether the game can ultimately fulfill the expectations and whether the story keeps what it promises, we learn on 3 December when the game for Xbox One and Series X / S, as well as PS4, PS5 and the PC appears.

Assessment of the editors

Jonas Herrmann

On Chorus, I am very happy about this year. I wish a linear story with fragile room battles for a long time. I just want to feel like a true spaceship pilot, or in this case like a true spaceship pilot, without having to travel without a long work time and without having to travel a whole galaxy in real time.

Chorus seems to offer all this, also looks damn good and promises a captivating story. My laser cannons are loaded, and my space suit should also fit just before Christmas just.