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BVB Legend Jürgen Kohler practiced after the bitter Champions League criticism of the barrel assembly of Russia. It lacks leaders, but it is too easy to use only captain Marco Reus into the obligation. Where’s Mats Hummels? Said the 105-fold international at Spot and Goal.

To achieve the high goals of the club including titles, it is too little to set only on Youngster. With Haaland, it gives just a difference player — and that will be tight in the long run. With a club like the direct competitor FC Bayern this is different. I think you’re doing well when you approach the young players in Dortmund, but a few important players stay.

Kohler considers it premature to start a discussion about coach Marco Rose, who came into the summer of Russia in summer and thus replaced Edwin Eric, who won the DFB Cup with the Black Yellow. That was not a witchery. Dortmund has benefited from the competition in the final spurt, but also of the shaky knees of the competition, says the world champion, Champions League winner and three-time German champions.

Jürgen Kohler over…

… the defeat in Lisbon: I think the game was not worth it, that you look at it 90 minutes. With the first situations, the entire game tilts. And for a club like the BVB is that Already difficult, because in the Europa League you have to come far to compensate economically.

… the compilation of the squad: In Dortmund you have to be aware that you have to play permanently for titles. That’s not enough, but many are always talking about system questions and tactical measures, but at the end of the day If the players decide the game. The more extra class they have, the further you will come. You do not need several and that did not have Dortmund. Bavaria has newer and Lewandowski, shortly behind it is Gimmick, Gary and Woman, all of which can make the difference.

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… the many top talents in the squad : But the young players do not bring them anything if they do not win titles. I think you’re doing well when you approach the young players in Dortmund, but a couple Important players stay. The Bavarians have managed to keep their most important stakeholders and to pick up highly gifted players. Dortmund is a top club, and you have to know when you go there.

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… Departures of service providers: The players look all that they have their shells in dry. At the end of the day I am also changed to Turin because of the money from Bavaria — not because Turin was so beautiful. I have been able to appreciate that later and felt comfortable there.

… missing mentality: I think, sometimes you will not live up to the players. If a footballer goes to the square, he wants to win. I then do not understand only sometimes when players notice off the field. Because exceptional players know that they can contribute their part to the entire company through their performance. For example, we had the topic in 2018, when the national team was flown in the national team. That’s a crunch.

… the role of Marco Reus : I’m always too easy to put Marco Reus at the center. Where’s Mats Hummels? Of course, he was locked — but he was always in the last three years This difference player you needed? I do not believe. Wiesel is also an experienced player playing for one of the best European national teams. But in the narrow games they were not there — and at ‘ENG’ I do not speak of the DFB Cup. Dortmund has too few chiefs. They all, they would be, but are not.

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… the change from Edwin Eric to Marco Rose: Edwin Eric won the DFB Cup and qualifies for the Champions League last season. That was not a witchery. Dortmund has in the final spurt but also benefited from the shaky knees of competition. Every coach has to have the goal at Dortmund’s goal to get at least in the Champions League. You are well advised if you can work Marco Rose in peace. On the other hand, I would be in Dortmund Players want to question themselves, whether they do the right thing on and besides the place. We need the young coaches who have a certain quality. But experience is missing them.