Last week, in mid-November 2021 we have asked you a quite provocative question in a survey: We wanted to know if you have terminated your WoW subscription.

This question is certainly not far-fetched. We have it already stated that there might be reasons enough content morally seen and to suspend the WoW subscription now. But now once the raw numbers: More than 3,000 of our fans have voted and hereby you learn the official result. The results of the WoW subscription survey Source: subscription

36.01 percent say yes, I still have a WoW subscription

More than 1,150 participants in the survey have voted clearly for yes and form so that in terms of the individual voice options, the largest group of survey participants. And the discussions, which could be followed as part of our article and on social media, as also talked a relatively clear language.

Why the subscription notice if I myself am satisfied with the game? Those who do not have their WoW subscription, see the scandal-driven developments in Activision Blizzard at least no reason to cancel the subscription. Because that can be often read so that one would indeed meet the WoW developers who have been guilty of nothing can come.

And many fans see the product just detached from the developers behind it. By some it also means that the subscription just been running because they have completed it for a long time — do play most but for months no longer.

Mixed feelings

As can herausstechend the comment of Maximus well describe. On the one hand he has no desire, nor to bring Blizzard with its subscription money because Maximus does not find that the developers do a good job. Instead, it is he that he will not abandon his Classic Guild and -Freud. And so it is probably a few WoW fans go with even running subscription.

[…] My subscription is not running yet and brings Blizzard coal, but because they do a good job, but in which it is located only because of the community of the guild and the section. EIG. But I want Blizzard out of money. Push If I keep the few boys and ladies Classic running, could subsidize directly instead of the subscription, I would do it […] and because Maximus has asked in his commentary. Yes, makes sense 🙂

Michel comment suggests there in a similar notch : Denounced and maybe I melange again for NEN months, the only reason I even play is that I do not want to hang my guild / raid, but now wins the I first no more support the upper hand.

28.79 percent say no, I recently quit

Slightly more than 900 participants in the survey have voted for the option that they have terminated. And should you were surprised at the survey why we have made a distinction between within the past five months, and before the last five months, then the reason should be clear. Of course, we wanted to see if players react to the moral abjection at Blizzard and Activision Blizzard.

Xbox evaluating relationship with Activision following sexual misconduct report
And yes, some players have hinted in the comments’ column with us as they are to the sexism scandal surrounding Activision Blizzard. Some of no interest to the bean. Others now the consequences have drawn. Will of course also distinguished here must. Is the scandal of misogyny, discrimination and harassment one of many reasons — or the only one? For traveler dwarf there are many reasons not to have a WoW subscription, among other things, the eternal and tedious grind. The decisive factor, however, was but what goes wrong date Activision Blizzard behind the scenes.

I currently have no subscription, which has about to do, in fact, with all the scandals about the leadership of the company. Moreover, DES does not make me the game less and less fun, because of the quests and the content in general, but to the eternal grind for any substances and brands… currency to be fitted only to the best. Sure, that was (buy now €14.99) in WoW so but always annoying… now it just holds still. Then, as I said the whole drum around with Activision Blizzard, I mean, there should be no e workers in any way have to experience something like that […]
At this point we would like to point out that everyone can express his opinion, but please without attacks and insults, otherwise the Netiquette strikes. Again

29.51 percent saying I quit a long time ago

Almost 950 people vote for the option Sorry, but I’m already gone — and these dismissals often have to do with the fact that time is no longer enough for the game that friends have also stopped and that the communities collapse. Surprisingly many comments come from the Classic camp. It seems like Retail Wow would not arouse the interest. Even if Arson still has the subscription, then our subscription reader writes:

It is regrettable how the game has been hanged since BFA. Fun looks different. What I’m surprising is that the story looks so murky, but you want to have soulful story artists, you just do not mind any of the…
Whopper writes that with Legion was concluded: The game quality counts and since it does not matter to Activision Blizzard around the players and games, but only around the money, the company has been exhausted anyway. By Call of Duty will be the one Keep water for a long time, but the blizzard areas will die.

And what should the asterisk?

Did you notice that we have attached two explanations at the headline? This one. Good, because we deliberately wrote the percentage in the headline that indicates the terminated WOW subscriptions of the last five months. We could have also been able to prepare the other 30 percent (rounded up) on the 29 percent (rounded up) and then had a significant image that does not surprise us that Shadow lands acts as extinct.

59 percent of more than 3,000 players, that’s a lot and leaves the 36 percent (0.01 percent we have rounded off, we were so free) the survey participant with subscription actually little work.

It will be exciting if we repeat the survey in January or February 2022; If there may be more information about WOW Patch 9.2 — or a new WOW extension.

For the sake of completeness, because certainly somebody says that 59 + 36 does not give 100: 2.74 percent of the survey participants play WOW with WOW brand and are technically not a subscriber in this way. 1.49 percent answered No, I had never had one and 1.46 percent answered None of the above. We have taken the freedom to add mostly punctuation in the quoted comments; For reasons of readability.

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