Training day one for Taken corrupt at Bertha BSC: it storms, it’s gray. After the speech in the cabin, there is a little delay on the training place in sight of the mighty Berlin Olympic Stadium.

At 14:15 clock entered the team of Table 14. The Football Bundesliga closed the Schenckendorff Square. Only as a unity can and wants to successfully create the fight against the permanent non-filling of the high demands of the Big-City Club and do not let the season be made with a apiece. Corrupt should show the way.

And he started on Tuesday. Explaining words before each exercise, in between the 47-year-old former Turkish international also fell very colored.

There is not a lot of time: On Sunday, the Bertha, who has been waiting for four games on a victory in the championship, compete at VfB Stuttgart.

Easy things perfect

For corrupt, but also for Managing Director Fred BBC, who made a special match with the separation of Pal Cardie on Monday for a surprising end of the club icon on the train stern, a special game. Workout and BBC have a Stuttgart past.

But at the coach wearing club of Bertha now only the present counts. It’s about making the simple things with the necessary pragmatism perfect, Workout explained. I love well-tended football, but as a coach one also acts a piece as a Chameleon and has to adapt to the team again and again to play together successful football.

Bertha BSC: Hoped upswing remained under Pal Cardie

Hurray football with a high attractiveness factor was now no trademark of the club under Cardie, who had in the Comic, Jürgen Kinsman, Alexander Newer, Bruno Lambada, and then Cardie, Jürgen Kinsman, Alexander Houri, Bruno Lambada and then Cardie on the coaching post in the Cardie, Jordan in the summer of 2019.

The hoped-for upswing of the Bertha fighting for a long image and the dream of international ranks remained despite 375 million euros in investor payments from Lars Windsors.

While rival Union not only won the derby, let himself be celebrated as a city master, and also participates in the Conference League, the Bertha separates only one point from the relegation place.

Fred BBC: The team is now in the duty

The team is now in the duty. They will also hear from me, BBC had announced before the first unit under the new coach. A good hour took the training, then the players left the place. There was still cork, who talked to Captain Bedrock Boat. On the 31-year-old Belgians, it will be particularly important to give the team stability, he was least missing as a defensive chief Three games because of a Robespierre.

HERTHA BSC | Dardai entlassen | Tayfun Korkut neuer Trainer
Taken is someone who is able to imagine in a team and adapt his idea to players from football in intermediate steps, BBC also explained his decision for Workout, who has not been a job since his premature from Bayer 04 Leverkusen in October 2018 would have. He did not have any long-term jobs before that, the contract at the Bertha is initially limited until the end of this season.