Lionel Messi (34) has apparently voted for Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham (18) when choosing Kola Trophy for the best junior player of the year. This reports Catalan Sport.

Messi was entitled to vote at the vote conducted by France Football as one of 32 former balloon d’or winners. Three points awarded the Argentinian according to the report at his Barça comrades Pedro, two counters went to Bellingham and a point received Messes PSG players Nun Mendes.

After all, Pedro won the vote with 89 points and prevailed from Bellingham (39) and Jamal Musial’s from FC Bayern (38). The young Spaniard follows Juventus defender Matthias de Leig, which was awarded the Kola Trophy in 2019.

In his thanksgiving speech, Pedro appreciated Barça on Monday evening in Paris and the people who have supported me. The captains like Messi! Thank you for helping me.

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