0: 5 goals, hardly any chances and many mistakes in their own defense: Already after a half it was clear that the Munich lions in the home game against ghost scenes against leader 1. FC Magdeburg was absolutely destitute. At the end there was a 2-5 defeat on the scoreboard — after the 1: 3 against Waldo Mannheim the next quite clear defeat against an ascension aspirant.

LÖWENRUNDE vor #TSVM60 (26.11.2021).

Everything went wrong in the first half, what can go wrong.

Michael Killer

Rightly served, Trainer Killer described his mind in retrospect at magenta, the lions were therefore. Everything went wrong in the first half, what can go wrong: You forgive clear chances, scores a penalty (as against Mannheim, Note d. Red.), You defend not good. Each score of the Magdeburg was also felt a hit. It was bad from all players in the first half, the 1860 coach summed up the idea of ​​his team before the pause whistle mercilessly.

Until the 0: 3 — Mind you in the 17th minute — Killer had even thought positive due to the openness of the game. Because it was an open game, but the 0: 4 (after a crowd half an hour, note d. Red.) Has the K.O. prepared. In short, The biggest crap is the conclusion in the first half.

Grendel criticized missed game idea — and explains how the things to get

That the appearance of the lions was by no means achieved, sports managing director Gunther Grendel knew. He also criticized the tactical arrangement of the team. The idea of ​​playing very man-oriented and Magdeburg very high to start simply did not work. On the basis of the occurrence of the players, it was also noticeable, that defensive and offensively everything was wrong. Especially in the work backwards very little worked.

One held a Grendel clearly: You will certainly understand that I’m not talking about Michel Killer right now, but with Michel Killer. That’s crucial to get these things under control, he replied on a demand. After the weak week, of course, all are disappointed, but the situation at the coach would be false according to Grendel. The entire collective failed. Especially in the first 45 minutes against Magdeburg.