Carbine COD Vanguard Cooper — This guide will show you how to get the new Cooper Carbine assault rifle in Call of Duty War zone and COD Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard — Unlocking Cooper Carbine

The first season of Cod Vanguard is finally here. And we all know what that means. New weapons! Cooper is an AR Carbine in COD Vanguard, which has come to the game with update of Season 1. The gun is available for both War zone to Vanguard Pacific.

Basically is a hybrid rifle with properties similar to SMG. Normally, I would consider that an RA has a medium-long range, right? That’s not the case here. Cooper Carbine is, in fact, a short-range AR. Despite having a fast shutter speed, it is actually quite easy to control.

Developers are comparing Cooper with popular Automaton, which is another popular AR rapid fire. And my personal favorite. By default, the Cooper Carbine has a speed slightly slower firing shorter and set back a little more horizontal effective range, but in return offers a better damage per shot, a speed centering faster and charger default more big.


If you visit the Gunsmith. You find accessories that can even further increase the shutter speed of the Cooper Carbine. Overall, a solid midrange option both to Vanguard Pacific War zone.

How ​​to unlock

You do not have access to the Cooper Carbine immediately after starting the game, Vanguard and other weapons. This weapon is exclusive of season 1 and requires some effort to unlock it. This is how you do it:

Go to multiplayer
Click on the Battle Pass tab
Go to level 15
You see Cooper Carbine battle as a pass level 15 unlockable
Now only meets XP to reach level 15
You will get the weapon

Now, if it’s new in cod. You could think that the weapon is linked to the battle pass of Vanguard season 1. Which means you would need real money or cod points to obtain it. But that is not the case, even if you do not buy the battle pass, you will get 20 free levels that all players can unlock. Cooper Carbine is part of those free levels. Which means you can get this new weapon for free.

Loading or construction Cooper Carbine

Like you, I’m playing the game at this time. First I have to level up to 70. Then the gun, I’ll find a facility that works well both War zone and COD Vanguard MP. Please, be patient. I will update this guide as soon as possible. Thanks!

That’s all folks!