In recent days, the trade rumors were again fueled around Damian Lillard, but the Superstar does not want to leave the Portland Trail Blazers at all. Instead, the All-Star allegedly demands another contract extension.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski ( ESPN ), Lillard calls for a renewed extension of his contract in the upcoming off season, which is still running until 2025. You would then be possible for another two years over a total of $107 million. The playmaker would then be one of the highest paid players of all time.

Already, Lillard 2024/25 will get $48.8 million, an extension would mean for 25/26 51.2 million and 26/27 55.3 million. In 2027, Lillard would then be 37 years old.

Kendrick Perkins doesn’t see Damian Lillard’s future with the Trail Blazers | NBA Today
Even the Blazers, Lillard make such a quote. According to Won, other executives from the league would prefer to trade the Point Guard as he handled this contract.

Lillard himself had repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to stay in Portland, even if there are always rumors around possible trades. The Philadelphia 76ers allegedly gave an offer to show Ben Simmons to Portland, but the blazers leaned.

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According to Wojnarowski, three teams are interested in the All-NBA Guard, but they all are waiting for Lillard still calling for a trade to lower the market value. The 30-year-old caught a relatively weak start to the season and put on average only 21.5 points. The throw quotas from the field (39.7 percent) and the triple line (30.2 percent) are the worst of his career. Portland occupies ten in the Western Conference with a balance sheet of 11-14.