Wow, abbreviated WoW, is a computer role-playing video game (MMORPG) of the United States video game programmer Blizzard Entertainment using the Internet. It was published in 2004 for the very first time, in Europe it appeared in 2005, later in other nations, to name a few things in individual’s Republic of China.
Globe of Warcraft got 2009 the Guinness World Document for the most prominent multiplayer online role-playing game. By July 2012, the game created over ten billion US buck sales and also made it one of the most successful computer system video game. To play World of Warcraft, a monthly fee should be paid. There are likewise a totally free Beginner Version connected with constraints.
Considering that the moving of the fundamental version, the Burning Campaign (2007), Rage of the Rich King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Mandarin (2012), Warlords of Drano (2014), Legion (2016), Battle For Zeroth (2018) and also Shadow lands (2020) released. In 2019, a re-publication of the basic variation and 2021 published a re-publication of The Burning Campaign.

Shadow lands will be remembered as filler in the history world of Warcraft. Mango daemon Corbyn place: this is the best solution.

Meanwhile, should have noticed the last person that WoW: Shadow lands arrived not as good with the players, as one would have originally thought. Was the extension at the beginning still considered by many as good, this opinion fell furiously fast. At the latest patch 9.1 had only a few players like that. Even improvements in patch 9.1.5 brought little relief.

So the developers pull the ripcord and prepare Shadow lands quite fast, but also inglorious end.

Spoiler Warning The article is also about data mining and alleged content from Patch 9.2. You have been warned.

? What is a Filler add-on Similar to filler episodes in TV series, meet Fullerton even when World of Warcraft one simple purpose: It is something done, just so something happens. Although a filler add-on has a compound belonging action, but after completion of the filler content prevails almost the same state as before. Few details have changed.

And frankly, to Shadow lands has it available from the start. The whole concept of the afterlife with the various realms in which different versions of the afterlife exists, is so unreal and detached from the rest of the Warcraft universe that you just can perfectly because it makes a cover. Much like at that time in Warlords of Drano one can simply say that the connection to the Shadow lands is now cut back, story-wise it is no longer with these creatures in conjunction.

However, I find the decision well.

Sure, the new areas have pleased me well. Because everything was so new and unknown, the developers were able to let off steam creatively correct. I find the Arden Forest still stunning and also Seventieth I keep good memories.

Blizzard should now be able to also stand up and try to steer the story of Shadow lands in a different direction to the players to recapture that have been lost. A patch 9.3 and a jailer that runs even with other extensions — that would have been all an option.

It is clear from the first information about patch 9.2 which now specifies that the jailer ultimately defeated and destroyed. Completely from him there is nothing left. Lagos is used as the new soul judges and assumes the role in future to send all souls to their corresponding afterlife. This power he receives — probably — by the forging of the first.

That the jailer defeated at the end, making it probably completely destroyed, is good. He was a filler Boss, which was first introduced in patch 9.0 and will disappear with patch 9.2 again from the scene. Clearly one has somehow burned him — but at the same time allows again a clear-cut to try something new after that or to build on the old, proven history.

Shadow lands is thus a little — more or less — self-contained story.

Of course, one must also say: So far, that’s most patch 9.2 only data mining. It would be quite possible that Blizzard still reveals a great turn in the final cinematic and the jailer is not quite as dead as one would actually think.

The only one bland taste is that Blizzard has tried to give Shadow lands considerably more significance than was actually necessary. That the jailer basically behind all the major events of the past 20 years Warcraft stand, could have been a cool plot point that was unfortunately not well implemented.

On these grounds the story team will be sure to have to nibble a few more years. For if the big Dermot which leads the threads of fate for thousands of years, suddenly turns out to be boring character that no one can start something, then that is a loss, will recover only slowly from the Warcraft.

However, I want to be confident. World of Warcraft has delivered over many years exciting and interesting stories — and that was in Shadow lands often the case, though often hidden more in the side quests. If Blizzard can tie there with 10.0, his adversaries gives a higher profile and then create a Warcraft that is not caught up in more and more parallel dimensions… than I hope that the next add-on excited again properly.

Because if that is not the case, it looks really slow bleak for World of Warcraft from. And that would be a shame.