GTA 6 is probably not announced as soon as we can believe the current rumors. But if the voices, that would be better that way. The next mammoth project of Rock star should be in quite a crisis and fighting with great problems in development. The prevailing chaos trap even so bad that many fans could be disappointed. That explains at least a leader who has already relied on several times in the past.

GTA 6 development chaos could provide bitter disappoints fans

When is GTA 6? We still do not know that. But there are now some rumors that enhance the impression that it may probably take a while until GTA 6 is only revealed. Until the Open World Blockbuster from Rock star then appears, then takes some time again.

Absolute Development Chaos? Analyst Accept explains on Twitter, many people are not aware of how chaotic the development of GTA 6 sequence. This beats the person in the same notch as many others before. Already recently there were very similar statements, but of course they are not of official site:

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Disappointment for many fans? ACCEPT even goes a step further and claims GTA 6 could be pretty disappointing for a lot of fans out there. Unfortunately, the leader does not go into detail, but at least he explains that several aspects could be left behind the expectations.

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What sounds positive: the graphics. After all, there is probably a page to GTA 6, which we probably have to worry. The graphic side of the game will not disappoint Naturally Nobody, writes ACCEPT on Twitter. Of course not the only important thing is, but it sounds at least promising.

How likely is that? ACCEPT is a well-known leader who had laughed at Star Wars Eclipse before the official announcement. Nevertheless, this is of course unofficial information that you should enjoy with caution.

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As the last point in the Tweet, ACCEPT calls its interpretation with regard to the time of possible GTA 6 announcement. As soon as we are to worry, if Rockstar Games GTA 6 should announce this year or early 2022. Apparently the game just needs a lot more time.

How do you think about the Tweet? Which aspects of GTA 6 would be most important to you?