With more than a decade of development behind him, League of Legends has a total of 157 champions available. A list of characters that will never stop expanding whose last novelty was the premiere of VEX on September 23, 2021. However, there will not be waiting a lot until at the beginning of season 12 the list is expanded with a new shooter already announced by Riot Games.

These are all League of Legends champions

League of Legends Champion Release Timeline (2009~2020)
Next, you can find all the champions available in the game ordered based on your launch date.

Original cast

All the characters that were available on the first day of play:

The first great expansion (2009)

Today we are used to rioting Games Lance very few champions a year, but in the first years the developer swells to shoots in a very short time space. The first great expansion took place in the months after the launch: Less than ten months 25 additional characters were launched.

The characters of 2010

Up to this point we have a total of 42 champions and throughout the year 2010 they joined the list of 24 more characters

Champions of the year 2011

In 2011, Riot Games maintained the cadence of launches of League of Legends in two champions a month (on average).

Champions of 2012

With 90 champions in the game, I arrived at Riot Games’ first rhythm basket. However, League of Legends would still receive 19 new characters.

Champions of 2013

Once arriving at 2013, it is when Riot Games begins to descend his rhythm of premiere.

Champions 2014 — The Era of Specialization

As of 2014, it is when we started to see in League of more unique mechanical legends and a clear refinement on how the characters that come to the title should be.

Champions 2015

Riot Games continued to reduce the rhythm, adding more Reworks and looking for the right amount of characters that had to reach League of Legends every year.

Tam Bench will be the next character in lower price

Champions of 2016

Riot repeated with six launches of champions this year, something that ended up becoming the norm for them

Champions of 2017

In this year, there was last release character with Ayah and Hakan.

Champions of 2018

To date, the year with fewer new characters in the story of League of Legends

Champions of 2019

The year of the return to normality for Riot Games

Champions of 2020

As of this year, the goal of launching characters was established: one for each position except in the Mid-Lane, where two would come.

Champions 2021

Due to Arcane’s premiere, Riot did not comply with her characters launch goal