All signs are on change in Football: Not only EA SPORTS in 2021 struggled to keep their own escort scene in progress and has a loss of naming rights to fear, continuous competitor INAMI stumbled over the revolution of the PES series.

In addition, there are new players that push on the market of football simulations. With NFL, Goals and Football Player, three emerging games presented in the second half of the year.

Although all three competitors are still in the development phase, but NFL has already shown that they do not shy away from the license and EA Sports could at least prepare a few headaches.

Still too early

With the German FIFA professionals there is still restraint with regard to the new games. I’ve heard that new games come, but I do not worry about it yet, explains Mohammed ‘Mooney’ Various and thus suggests a similar sound like Eldon ‘Eldon’ Todorovac of Borussia Dortmund and ex-teammate Michael’ Megabit ‘Bittner from the SV Welder Bremen: Currently I do not waste any thought of changing the game.

I’ll take a look at the games and invest a little time, but not to try to become an Exporter, Meanwhile, the German Master in Football UMT Bulletin. Similarly, National Team Colleague Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Canal looks out, which excludes a change at least not categorically.

How EA's FIFA destroyed PES

Probably no option are the new competitors for Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neubauer. His commentary after a few first views: Completely bugged games, wrong advertising, I do not see anything good there.

With the wrong advertising, Neubauer plays on Football Player 2023. According to an alleged employee of the project, the game is only fraud.

It’s not as easy as you imagine developing a better game (as FIFA).

Mohammed ‘Mooney’ Harks

In general, however, the advent of the games is perceived as positive, or how ‘Megabit’ it expresses: Competition can not hurt. Although ‘Mooney’ would be partially contradictory — he fears a broader distribution of licenses — but also sees the potential.

Various would be avoided, if there is a better game. Then of course. But in all the criticism of EA Sports, he also concerns: It’s not as easy as you imagine developing a better game.

Hurdle the new

For Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos are the titles interesting, when it is competitive games. The pro of the 1st FC Cologne, however, gives way another idea why a change for current FIFA professionals is not too likely.

You have to look at how the Bundesliga clubs and DFL respond to the competitive titles. The league includes the clubs in a partnership with EA Sports. A resolution level cooperation seems unlikely, the relationship is too deeply rooted.

Individual professionals could still take a change and try to establish themselves as a pioneer. Even if the competition can score in the gameplay and gaming content, but remains a high risk for the Exporter.