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Steam Deck already has a launch date: this interests you if you have already reserved it

Steam Deck is the portable console with which Valve wants to revolutionize the world. He was going out at the end of the year but was delayed indefinitely. But it already has a start date and adds to the madness of February that we are going to have. Luckily it is the shortest month of the year!

Valve has officially confirmed that Steam Deck’s launch date is February 25. If you have reserved it, the firm has published all the details to proceed, indicating that the date indicated will begin to send the emails to those who reserve the device: from then there will be three days to make the purchase and start the order.

If you do not buy the console after those 72 hours, reservation will go to the next person in queue. The units will start from February 28, so the consoles will begin to arrive at the first days of March.

Valve also emphasizes that it is only possible to ask for the model of Steam Deck that you booked on your day , so you can not change to another without losing your position in the queue. The reservoir deposit applies to the final price of Steam Deck, and the shipping costs are included.

A new console is about to arrive and wants to revolutionize the PC game. Soon we will have it with us.

Summers Nourgirl, Donate Campaign for Children with Momatches Successful Finishing

Comes (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) has successfully completed the donation campaigns, Relief Development NGO Save said on the 26th that we have delivered 2,000 won for the Children.

Comes has conducted a campaign to sell ‘Summer Mourners’ through collaboration with Mamatch, from mid-December to Match, and donated some proceeds.

‘Summers’ is a popular menu ‘Berger’, ‘Buried Cyber’ and ‘Summer Noun: Perforated Arena’, Items that are available in ‘Summer Noun: A Million War’ With a special package, the value consumption of the joy of sharing was sold in the country during the event, and was sold in the national store during the event.

Comes has conducted a variety of events that paid game items and goods to make more users to participate in this campaign to participate in warm warmth, and the campaign is completed by the Campaign. Save with a touch with a joint donated to the Children.

Donations delivered are used to practice sharing for children. Through the Save, the Children, we will give warmth and warmth to the children of the Mamatch hamburger to the children of the child center.

Meanwhile, Comes has continued to continue the business that supports future generations of dreams and hopes through the characteristic social contribution projects linked to their various popular games.

The campaign, including the campaign, improved the global child education environment, Africa Malawi Liaison, and the intestinal furnishes of the Malawi of Malawi. I am going to develop it.

Call of Duty will continue to arrive at PlayStation until at least 2023

After the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , there is some concern about the users of PlayStation because multiple franchises in this publisher could be exclusive to Xbox . CALL OF DUTY is one of the most important, and according to Phil Spencer , they have intentions to continue throwing these games in consoles of the competition. But how long? A new report seems to have given us the answer.

According to Bloomberg information, nearby sources within Activision have confirmed that the Company is committed to continuing to launch Call of Duty games in consoles of PlayStation up to what Less 2023. This includes the release of this year, the next one and the sequel to War zone . After the premiere of these three games, not even the employees of Activision know what could happen.

Yes, Spencer said they do not want to move the players from PlayStation from Call of Duty, or rather, he said they did not intend to do it. This means that the situation could change at any time, and although initially they will respect all agreements between Sony and Activision , once the acquisition has been officially specified, Xbox could become the only home For Call of Duty games.

Editor’s note: It sounds like something difficult, but not impossible, that Call of Duty becomes an exclusive Xbox franchise. After all, Microsoft did not spend a millionaire so that his own games are leaving in consoles of the competition. We already saw what happened with Bethesda, and the case of Activision does not think it is very different.

Reasons why realistic Senior developers are attracted to Market Curly

In fact, developers ‘it seems’ I have a tendency to want to do things. In addition to Ito artists such emotion that I want to give value to someone else. The problem to be solved bogey go to many important… When I continued to see the market outside Curley I wanted to do is possible, but the idea was changed to meet Kim Beulah representatives realistic design am I decided to challenge dream aim to be ‘better technologies to change the world’ representative Kim said.

Best Market Development ryuhyeonggyu Curley Sign operating officer (CTO) is a senior developer with a long development history. He developed an artificial intelligence service 1 mm with yunsongyi time, SK Telecom Managing Director (current NC soft CEO) from SK Telecom, was responsible for the music service business 24hz / developed by NC soft. He followed the SK Planet’s new business / O2O platform group lead, took the Shingle E-Mart future service planning. Since 2017, he spearheaded the cacao and technology strategy, and a coordinator to coordinate the efficient use of cacao cloud transition and development resources. Market Curley has made joining the autumn of last year.

■ Growth is not a good company overvalued? Although it attracted to representative Kim Beulah Vision

The decisive instrument development and CTO BYU accumulated experience throughout a product manager at a large company with a turnover in a relatively small market Curley is because Kim Beulah representative. Usually CTO BYU looked at the market Curley mingled with somewhat questionable view that What sustainability. Growth is good, but enough to recognize that the company overvalued in the market. But his thoughts after I met Kim without many expectations have changed 180 degrees.

Meet Kim Beulah representative stand that while I’ve heard this idea seems that the pursuit of intellectual vanity. The world who dig the good stuff, I wanted to be that it is fresh and ships sounded interesting background of the establishment Kim. It downed a difficult area to look into the market Curley is to deal with the logistics and shipping. Solving areas are looked much fun to do. The idea that everyone can be happy agenda must resolve to be labor-intensive to technology, I heard.


■ I only have the vision of the market to work to increase self-worth.

Curly attracted to the market than expected current CTO saw the working conditions of the following companies. He was contemplating ways to attract talent to work with, because development can not do it al1. And he knew well before, had persuaded the senior developers better go for another job. They, his former colleagues at first did not believe in the vision and direction of the current market Curley says the CTO. But all gathered together Deon suggesting means to meet Kim Beulah representatives. It will (?) Who was persuaded by CTO BYU and Kim.

Development of human resources who was last year was 100 people are wont to about 200 people. Mainly it came bringing a lot of senior developers from the big tech companies. That’s because the company and I are complex and difficult issues they thought that followed, the back of the development department should be strong. I’m pulling the goal of developers around 200 people this year. Until last year, but hiring junior developers are subordinated to this year, 6: 3 junior developers intend to actively recruit enough : 4 or 7.

Ryuhyeonggyu CTO stressed the importance of membership growth. Although raised a lot of information and communication technology (ICT) column to the developers adopted competitive companies and presents a high salary, the developers aimed to grow steadily have their own vision, and companies chemistry which recognizes the value paradox that it is important did.

Do not bound yourself to the younger days of the company, do not be as valuable to the company I told myself to work to increase the value of having a vision for yourself only on the market. To haejwoya company recognized the value of the developers tried to do so.

■ Prediction orders advanced technology products… Ingredients filter feature introduced this year targets

CTO BYU that the role of the organization firmly, yet flexible organization development company plans to From apps to users to use, more advanced technology that helps the efficiency of logistics and shipping stages. Today, what kind of product, order forecasting, the most significant and critical technologies in the marketplace by Curley to predict whether seonbalju a few sales, plans to continue optimizing the prediction orders technologies yet to match the demand adequately reduce waste. Also, it plans to reduce unnecessary copper also advanced optimization algorithms to help more things done in the warehouse.

Index predicted the ordering edge technology markets Curley, DeJoy company saw a loss due to the disposal nameumyeon item amount. Yes to customers to uncomfortable too conservative blossomed out of stock when preparing the product. Season, weather, there is a predictive order optimization taking into account customer orientation, and try to solve the homework still far. Logistics, shipping even optimizer’ll need the same problem even more data and technology to solve significant because how do you handle large quantities as quickly packing is used within the specified time.

Ryuhyeonggyu CTO is giving more emphasis on personalized recommendation feature of the market Curley. The products are sold offline, but many can not see, wihaeseoda to the advanced features that the product can be better detected and recommended that the number will need to be exposed to the user as part app screen than it is now.

Market Curly There’s gotta open the component information of all products. There is data that describes the characteristics of the product, it’s getting better and better personalize recommendations. Users this year to introduce the component-specific filter function, such as a vegan can carefully to find the desired item, and each one will allow you to others.

■ interesting homework than your well-being and good colleagues are many companies to be solved.

Finally, the current CTO Having said that developers feel the factors highlighted interesting because there are so many problems to solve, the new market Curley. Also, lots of many senior developers a variety of experiences, adding Having the opportunity to learn can be open and share the developments of each other. Furthermore, there are good welfare and good company that can compete, pointed to the strengths of the viscosity Market Curly dwaetdaneun designated as military service business.

There are not competing with others in the appeal by creating a new ecosystem. Its know-how would we do things remain on the market. New issues to be solved are so many, the opportunity to learn about the opportunities for mutual growth, problem-solving know-how for many companies. From newbies as reasonable salaries, better equipped colleagues see that 5 to 10 years for developers to grow more in particular. I would like to benefit from the technology yirwojyeo to create balanced with the result that everyone can be happy in the, so someone helped raise the market value of Curly in the company proud.

[Oki] “I hate such a game capture book” examination result announcement!

Weekend Limited Emotional Planning Game Spark Darkie, It is an announcement of the fifth nine17. The subject was such a game capture book is disgusting , but thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone’s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

Spoken’s friend

I will read the sex of the author from the trend of

Earn scores and aim for high heels!
This area is a steamy hot thermal pantyhose
If you go through the red gate as expected by the Prophet, you want to be the last hit!

Spoken’s friend

Picture book specification to jump out

High-rise dungeon stabbed

Spoken’s friend

Capture information is certain, but the love of the author is too strong
Personal considerations and handwritten illustrations are rich and read

If the heat is too strong

Spoken’s friend

The sentence is written by the authors. Map handwrites (remembering).

I understand that I’m really capturing

Spoken’s friend

Agostini system

What is the first time

Spoken’s friend

This is a feeling of cracking, I can win if I have a strong feeling and Don’t give up
A difficult place is given by a little of mind

Don’t be a mistake depending on the game

Spoken’s friend

It has been worn by the liver of resale

Resale Ya This is unusual because it is unusual

Spoken’s friend

Every time Aide comes blank column columns of attack power
Need to write yourself

The current game can be adjusted with the update…

Spoken’s friend

On page 4
Mafia City ad is published

Advertising even with paper media

Spoken’s friend

Las boss is writing a recommendation comment in the band

There is no doubt between the house!

Spoken’s friend

We only use vague expressions such as I feel like I feel like

What did you capture?

Spoken’s friend

A wire with a hot plate or a dumpling switch can be prepared

Cheats that passed too much

Spoken’s friend

When reading, the dead insect’s dead insect is observed in the oil dyed and pinched and pinched

Isn’t it?

Spoken’s friend

Publisher is

Many kanji

Spoken’s friend

As a capture book, a listening work.

Many letters

Spoken’s friend

It is written only for the failure of the capture and finds the capture method from that

The title is Packed Shi ○ Hero Teacher

Spoken’s friend

Configured only with TIPS-to-TIPS image displayed in the game

It’s a hand time, it’s time and effort

Spoken’s friend

A1 version


Spoken’s friend

I will drift every time the page turns

Fucking price book

Spoken’s friend

The lighter is too good, and the capture method is not listed at all.

A genius can not be taught

Spoken’s friend

Yokohama book written to the second half of the page

It’s not Dakar!

Spoken’s friend

Showa-like soundtrack son sheets come with
In structure of Molina feeling is recorded and trembled

There is no machine to play

Spoken’s friend

Tour Mintaka contributes illustrations to the end of the volume.


※ See all answers.

Reason revealed for the pandemic game removed from shops

Previously, we knew that the Pandemic board game had been removed from the STEAM list. We also know that the game will be removed from the Microsoft shop at the end of January and the Nintendo Switch shop in July. But before, there was no explanation as to why the game had been removed from various playlists. Although we could assume that this was due to the global problem, it is a little too late for that. But finally, we heard why Z-Man Games, who made the original request to delete the game.

It turns out, according to the statement, that the digital copy had been initially realized nine years ago. As such, they felt that the board game was not up to them, and they would like to make improvements in the future. They detail their plans for the game and other plans in the statement below.

The Pandemic Application has come out 9 years ago, and we no longer think that the current quality and reliability of the game are up to what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms. Time has come to make room for the digital future of Pandemic.

It is why we gradually suppress current Pandemic games edited by Digital Model of all digital shops. Current owners will not be impacted: All players who have already bought the game will always play and download it.


Pandemic is and will stay available to play online in solo or multiplayer mode on Board Game Arena.

We are really grateful to the whole Pandemic community for their great support and involvement in recent years. Stay tuned!

The Z-Man & Model Digital. teams

So, if you currently have a copy, do not worry; It seems like you can keep it and play it. If this is not the case, but you are interested, and you have access it, better to download it while you have the opportunity!

Pretty girl puzzle sequel is a magnificent SF? Match 3 puzzle “Mirror 2: Project X” Early access start

KAUAI II Works and Navico have started early access to Match 3 Puzzle Mirror 2: Project X .

This work is a sequel to the low price sex Mach 3 puzzle Mirror. The main character is a researcher of the Federal Research Protection Bureau (FBRP) under the mission of controlling hypernormal phenomena and protecting humanity, and the legs of the parallel world will be entrusted with unknown events. The story changes significantly depending on the selection of a lot of branch points prepared.

The previous work was a 2D illustration, but this time is also characterized by the beautiful girls depicted with high quality 3D graphics developed with Unreal Engine 4. Together with the beautiful girl, achieving the goal specified in the research institute with the goal of specifying the new story is unlocked.

In addition, it is not possible to be able to play in the current early access version only in the story mode, and it is less than 5% of the full version. The full version is scheduled to be released in 8 to 12 months, and we plan to add stories and trading cards, track records, etc. in Chapter 6.

Mirror 2: Project X is delivered for early access to PC (Steam). Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
~ ~ ¥7,731 ~ → ¥6,490



Logical G Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset
~~ ¥7,731 ~ → ¥10,364



Mac and his way of working at Mad Lions: “The important thing now is that my team learns and improve”

There is a lot of talk of FANATIC and Team Vitality this year at LEC , but we must also take into account that the champions are Mad Lions and, despite the changes within the roster and the integration of two Rookies, the team stands at the moment with 2 victories and 2 defeats in the regular season. Not everything is perfect, but team coach, Mac, is happy with the mood of his players. The coach went through the microphones of MGG France after the defeat against Rogue to give us the opinion of him over the beginning of the season of his team. In turn, we also took the opportunity to learn more about the great secret of him: his ties of luck .

Very good Mac, thank you for granting an interview, despite the afternoon it is. How do you feel after this game against Rogue?

Mac: No is not bad, there is a lot to learn from this game. We really need to work on our Mid-Game, especially in terms of vision to allow us to play more aggressively. We gave him too much space in this part. But the most important thing is to progress.

Looking back, are you happy with the draft? Would you change it if you could? Where do you consider that it is mainly the failure?

I like our draft and even in retrospect I would not change it.

Tomorrow you play against Astral is and I imagine you want to replace you from this blow. What advice would you give your players before the game?

This is a good question, I still have not occurred to me! I think the goal is to be on the same line and play together as we accelerate a bit of the rhythm. Although we make a composition that is not strong in the Early Game, it is essential to put the vision well, make resets at the right time and be well coordinated at the level of the waves. In any case, at this time of year I prefer that my players communicate well and do not be afraid to make mistakes. I want us to be proactive in the field. If we have to leave a side dragon, I want at least push an outside line or be incisive in the central lane.

At this moment you have 2 victories and 2 defeats. How do you evaluate the results? Are you satisfied with them?

You’re accustomed to going 1-1 in the regular season! (Laughter) is a kind of trademark registered for me. Whether with Splice or with Mad Lions, we never achieved to the playoffs in a favorable position. The 2-2 is an acceptable result and I do not believe that the regular season is very important, rather than a form of training to improve. I focus more on the mentality of the team and at the moment I am happy with the level of cohesion that the template shows. When we have bad games, we have it together! That is a good sign at this time of year.

Speaking of cohesion, what can you tell me about the two new recruits of Mad Lions, Seeker and Unforgiven? How do you set with them?

Abbas were relatively easy elections. During our recruitment process after Worlds, both were shown as safe, psychologically strong and versatile players. Unforgiven has been playing Jinx lately. He did a lot of damage and received many resources. But he is also able to play on the weak side. That versatility was impressed when I recruited it: Real, Jinx, Apollos, Riggs, Arthur… has a lot of variety in your game at ERA level. As for Freezer, he is a good individual and collective player: Twisted Fate, Gallic, Relic, Yahoo, Viktor, Brianna, Air… He can play anything. In general, to find whoever concentrated best on our team, we look mainly at the needs of the team. Balance is the most important element. As I said, these two players have confidence, use direct communication, they are proactive and open-minded.

Since the beginning of the year, the community has only been talking about the two superequipos, Fanatic and Team Vitality, but let’s not forget that the champions are you. However, are you happy to leave the pressure to others?

Pressure and expectations are part of the work. Last year, however, I did not want to win a title in a desperate way, it’s not how I see my work. For me, the first and most significant thing is to make sure my team is learning and improving. I have to review the team’s environment, your mentality, its cohesion and give my players a good training and all the support they require. I have to make players play as good as possible, that is my job. And if that is the case, the victories will come. It was my mood last year, and it is still this year.

Finally, I would like to know more about the secret of your ties… How many do you have in your drawers?

I have many (laughs)! Today, for example, it is a Mickey Mouse tie. I think I have 50 today, people from time to time give me some because they know that I like it. My father gives me, my stepfather and also give it to me at Christmas! The collection is only growing. Do you change every party? Or do you always use them to bring you luck? Count the victory rates and I know what the tie brings more victories. During the regular season, the change in all games, but for the playoffs, I assure myself to use the ties of luck. Foot: LOL ESPORTS /// ORIGINAL OF MGG FR

They defeated the whole Wow Classic in hardcore mode

Six time ago, we mentioned The Road to Ragnarok – the Special Initiative World of Warcraft Classic (Season of Mastery), which consists in… on Hardcore Playing Wow-a.

More precisely: On the acquisition of the maximum level of experience and raising Ragnarok (the most difficult boss in ClassicVersion, Final Boss in the Molten Core Rally) without any death on your account.

This is easy to check because people taking part in The Road to Ragnarok must download a special add-on that verifies the life of the character and blocks all social elements (we can not use Auction House, Mailbox, Trade, we can not connect In the group in the open world, etc.).

And so it happens that today at night (from Saturday to Sunday) the first hardcore guild (about how eloquent name HC Elite ) set off to Molten Core and killed all ten bosses – including the legendary Ragnarok. Only two people have fallen throughout the rally, so the expedition can probably be considered success.

And players who remained alive may already praise all and against the entire World of Warcraft Classic in hardcore mode.

The is just called achievement!

The expedition to Molten Core was watching almost 50,000 spectators on Twitch.


Last minutes of fighting:

Whole POV:

Not nominated Hildebrand best German – France

Without Franziska Press and Denise Herrmann, Franziska Hildebrand was at the World Cup in Anthony in the individual over 15 km best biathlete of the German Ski Association (DSV). The 34-year-olds not nominated for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (4 to 20 February), occupied the 15th place at the Frenchwoman Justine Braisaz-Bouchet. Anna Wade, who is in China, came only to rank 26.

In the absence of Mate Olsen Roseland (Norway) as well as Hanna and Elvira Berg (Sweden) triumphed Braisaz-Bouchet after a shooting mistake in 42: 20.6 minutes before their teamkollegin Julia Simon (2 / + 51.1 seconds) and the Sweden Mona Bronson (2 / + 1: 37.2 minutes). Hildebrand had after four mistakes 3: 39.9 minutes behind, but showed strongly with the October runtime in the trail.

The 34-year-old had hoped for Olympia. She has unfortunately erroneously assumed that the races in Anthony also count to a possible nomination. The greater the disappointment now that I could not qualify for Beijing despite the increasing form, said the former season world champion. She is not happy, as it runs.

Either only made a mistake on the shooting range, but still had 4: 19.0 minutes behind. Janine Hectic (5 / + 5: 14.2), Juliane Early Wire (2 / + 5: 36.4), Hanna Singer (3 / + 5: 50.9) and Sophia Schneider (3 / + 6: 00,9) Missed the top 30 clearly.

Herrmann and Vogt are spared

Prussian, which is in construction after foot injury and corona infection and is not at the start in Anthony, was missing as well as Denise Herrmann. The 33-year-old is used as Vanessa Vogt only on Sunday in mass start.

On Saturday, the men’s mass start of men takes place over 15 km (12.50 clock). The men’s squat over 4×7.5 km is planned for Sunday (12.15 clock). For women, the season is still over 4×6 km on Saturday (15.00 clock) and the mass start over 12.5 km on Sunday (15.15 clock) on the program.

The race in the ticker

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