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Golden eye 007 is part of the classic Nintendo 64 games that remain appreciated from the players’ community. Other games of its caliber have already received new generation remasters. Unfortunately, he did not receive the same treatment. However, it seems that things can change soon.

Some recently appeared leaks suggest that a new generation port is in preparation. A complete list of achievements for Golden eye 007 was found on prophase and trureachs. These websites follow the Xbox Achievement activity. The game did not appear before, but its current presence on the list suggests a new port.

According to the website, there are also only two Xbox accounts that have won the achievements of Golden eye 007. These are XTINAMCGRATH and BISHOP. It was discovered later that these two are Christina McGrath and James Thomas, who are being rare staff.

In addition, this is not the first time that Golden eye 007 is planned for an Xbox port. Rare would have planned to remaster the game for Xbox Live Arcade at the time of Xbox 360. The developers had almost finished the game when they decided to cancel it. This recent new revived speculation among fans. After all, the game would make an epic return on modern Xbox platforms with online multiplayer.

The list of achievements of the game also shows that he has 55 achievements. They are worth a total of 1,000 gamer score. This score is another index that a new port could really be in preparation. At the time the game was being developed for the Xbox Live Arcade, the BLA games had only one limit of 200 gamer score. See that Golden eye 007 in A 1000 is an interesting development.

Amazing classic Goldeneye 007 coming to Xbox one and Series X/S consoles soon ?

The Golden eye 007 remaster gaming files canceled rare came out in February 2021. Rare then released a full portion a month later. As seen in the demo, players could switch between the old and new visuals. This means that the game could operate at 60 IPS or 4K.

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