UPI Honey talks about…

… the age of 70 years:

The problem at this age is that one hit the impacts right and left. Since something has changed already. Then this pandemic comes to it. In my current age you would have to live, but you can not do that. We are not? Restricted.

… the retirement:

It’s a restless retirement. I’m still everywhere. That will never be different.

… his view of the FC Bayern today:

Yes, yes, I have won absolutely away. I’m almost no longer at the Sabine Strafe, but look at all the games, but I’m no longer there. FC Bayern is an association that rests in itself. The sporty area is as well positioned with Hasan Salihamidzic and Julian Nagelsmann as almost never. I like Nagelsmann as he looks out over the box. If I look at FC Bayern, we are very well there, even in international comparison. I do not know anyway Club that is better set up unless you have a donor in remote or Middle East. But it is more attractive to generate the money itself. If Corona would not, we would have the Golden times at FC Bayern. But it does not have to do anything to deal with the pandemic. If I see most clubs around us — who sponsored by Arabs sponsored — then FC Bayern is unique, worldwide. Not only sporty, but also economical — in the likelihood Cities — we stand there like a one.

The next three years will be brutal in football, because all the structures are broken in junior work, in the amateur area, in the small clubs.

UPI Honey

… the former idea to open a beer garden:

These are Furies. I do not have the patience anymore. I would like to have cows on the meadow in front of my house or would be active in forest operation. But if it goes to the implementation, I’m not patient enough.

… the football in Germany and the DFB:

One thing is clear: the next three years are brutal in football, because all the structures are broken in the junior work, in the amateur area, in the small clubs. Because the DFB is unable, the clubs have to do everything themselves. From DFB I expect even Nothing. Hundreds of thousands of members have left, there are fewer volunteers. These are the problems, and the DFB has no concept, as it should continue. By March, until the choice of the president, nothing happens, and then a quarter of the year lost.

… a commitment to the DFB, possibly as a guide:

No, no, I would get upset every time I would get a heart attack. They do not want strong advisors with other opinions. I always wanted to have strong people in my side.

If you are no longer permanently busy with the daily business, you start thinking and then realizes: life is more pleasant if you have less enemies.

Uli Hoeness says

UPI Honey

… Changes since the 60th birthday:

It was always my goal to be successful not only in the active time, so with the factory as with FC Bayern. The role model was to get the transition to FC Bayern as in the factory with my son Florian. The feeling that I would have a direct successor in Herbert Gainer, where the club will come in good hands, killed me to stop this step. Besides, it would have made no sense to wait another three years because I had been 69 or 70 years old, I did not want to stay there too long until it was called, he should finally go. With my son Florian, which makes it outstanding in the company, it worked wonderfully. So it should also run at FC Bayern; and so far it sees it as if it works quite well.

… the target mentioned ten years ago to remove ten to 15 kilos:

These ten kilos are gone, but there are still not enough. Decisive but is that you feel comfortable. If you can not get a mountain up, without a hard time, then you have to be careful with me Well.

Knowing for decades: Paul Crater and UPI Honey. Imago / horstmüller

… the reconciliation with Paul Crater and Will Lemme:

If you are no longer permanently busy with the daily business, you start thinking and then realizes: Life is more pleasant if you have less enemies. With Paul everything is okay. If there is a topic, we call his behavior after mine Airplane crash (on February 17, 1982, d. Red.) Never forget to him.

… the transition from the very active time in a quieter phase:

Yes, I did, but I have a great handicap, this is this pandemic. We have not been on vacation for two years, for two years no longer for skiing in our house in Lenzerheide. This is a restriction that is a restriction It was not planned. But with it all life. I would like to try skiing on a perfect slopes again. But two days skiing is one week a big knee.

… the dressing order after he had carried as a manager mostly sweaters and as President Sake:

Sake I rarely carry, only in the extreme emergency. Necktie almost not at all. I prefer to draw only one shirt and a light linen trouser.

… the political man Honey:

I was always. And now I have much more time to deal with it. I’m glad about the current government, though everyone knows I did not choose them. The election victory is deserved because the CDU — not the CSU — has made a catastrophic election campaign. She absolutely deserves it that she is now in the opposition. The in the CDU have argued like the broom binders and the land and the people completely lost their eyes, alone from personal vanities. That had to be punished. I hope you find yourself and make a good opposition.

In the government I see good young people who are ambitious. I know Lars Clinical quite well. He has led the SPD with his strategy single-handedly to victory. When he said 15 percent for the SPD, we managed that, I thought: Armenia Bielefeld is also master. He did it.

… Corona and Omicron in England:

Why is the incidence in England so high? Each stadium is full, even the pubs, everything without masks. And then the English have the problem that you have the greatest charlatan of all time as a prime minister. He himself had Corona and still has Corona and still has Corona Nothing learned. If you put Johnson, Bolsonaro and Trump in a sack and dray, you always meet the right ones.

Rummenigge has set up the FC Bayern internationally excellently, he is the best networked football functional in Europe and thus the FC Bayern scanned a lot of reputation.

UPI Honey

… today’s validity of his opinion expressed ten years ago, the Bayern must polarize, no boring club may be :

Julian Nagelsmann makes it good.

Were not always an opinion: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and UPI Honey Imago Images / Sammy Mink off

… say goodbye Karl-Heinz Rummenigges as Chairman of the Executive Board:

Karl-Heinz has made a significant contribution to the success story of FC Bayern as a player, Vice President and CEO Bayern. Especially in the phase when I was in prison, he has guided the club Prime. He has set up the FC Bayern internationally excellently, he is outstanding The best networked football functional in Europe and thus the FC Bayern scanned a lot of reputation. His image in the leaders of the big clubs is unique, he has developed very hard, before that I pull the hat.

… the sheep push in the domestic log cabin with Parties, Salihamidzic, Schwa bl, Brother Dieter or Son Florian:

That did not take place, Corona has broken everything. Outdoors we played once in summer, in the hut it is way too dangerous.

… less public:

I have a lot less public and feel very well. The beauty is that I can control my appearances and presence in public itself. It would be bad if people would say, the Honey is boring, he does not care More, who is out. The worry was that you have disappeared. But that’s not the case at all. My lectures are asked as before, they bring a few hundred thousand euros every year, which I donate. Would there be no demand anymore, I would have a scale that would make me thoughtful. But that’s not the case.

… the current age:

I’d rather be 60 as 70. But that’s how it’s ready. You can not change it. You can live with 70 wonderful if you are healthy.

… his desire for the 70th birthday:

I wish me normality again. That you can get up in the morning and do something without having to take care of PCR tests and people’s accumulations. This wish includes the most important good, health. Everything else I have: a good family; an association I love; many good friends. You do not need more.